What will you experience on any day trip to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando

Take a break from Florida’s theme parks and popular tourist attractions for just one day. Instead of Orlando rollercoasters, beautiful Florida beaches, and vibrant Miami nightlife, why not go to infinity and beyond? At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, this is exactly what humans can do (well, not literally, but it’s as close as non-astronauts can get to outer space!)

As one of the best things to do in Florida besides the theme parks, this is no ordinary day trip from Orlando. Operated by Delaware North for NASA, this outdoor center of intergalactic horror is not only one of the best museums in Florida; It is an astronomical center here on Earth that pioneered the path to deep space travel and a place to discover and develop cutting-edge space exploration innovations from NASA.

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Open to curious minds and astronauts aspiring to learn about the vast expanse above and around planet Earth (and beyond what is currently known), KSC Florida is a spaceport of the future where the public can learn about space and other worlds, travel beyond the stratosphere, and the fascinating science that underpins space.

Carrying a wealth of amazing flights, exhibits, and experiences under its roof (although the magic inside is beyond heaven), the Kennedy Space Center has always been one of Florida’s most popular attractions.

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On top of that, this amazing place also carries history into every nook and cranny, detailing the iconic past of space travel as well as offering visitors the chance to experience what it’s like to be a real astronaut, with space shuttle simulations and the exhilarating virtual space experience of those who walk through the doors of a ship. outer space.

With so much to see at Kennedy Space Center, it takes a full day to explore its entirety – and one of the most convenient and immersive ways to take in its splendor is with a KSC city tour (Details below!)

Is Kennedy Space Center worth visiting?

Anyone who says “no” is not in their right mind; Quite possibly one of Florida’s top attractions, the Kennedy Space Center takes curious visitors on an adventure through space and time. Filled with attractions, activities, and exhibits, visitors to KSC can enjoy an immersive experience while learning about America’s history of space travel at the Rocket Garden, the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and the many other museums throughout the vast complex.

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About this Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando

  • Kennedy space tour name: Day trip to Kennedy Space Center with transportation from Orlando
  • Tour price: From $69.99
  • Period: 10 hours approximately

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The Ultimate Space Tour from Orlando: An Overview

Among the world’s best space experiences, this out-of-this-world day trip takes visitors to the epic Kennedy Space Center from Orlando, where they will spend hours exploring the entire world-class NASA facility, launch pads, and rocket exhibits such as the famous Saturn V. Guests can savor a shuttle launch experience that simulates Mind, watch stellar IMAX movies, and get the first-hand scoop on true space stories in the Astronaut Encounter Experience. If that wasn’t enough, participants also get the chance to upgrade their tour to have lunch with a veteran astronaut, as well as select additional sightseeing opportunities.

Kennedy Space Center Highlights: What does the tour include?

  • Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando with optional upgrades
  • Transportation to and from Kennedy Space Center via select Orlando locations
  • Kennedy Space Center tickets included
  • Take a tour of NASA’s launch headquarters and the iconic shuttle launch experience
  • Check out the famous Rocket Garden, the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and watch two IMAX virtual space movies
  • Meet seasoned astronauts at the Astronaut Show
  • Option to upgrade the tour and have lunch with an astronaut
  • Opportunity to upgrade to Space Pass Plus and visit the Vehicle Assembly Building
  • local taxes

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Food and beverages are not included on this Kennedy Space Center tour; However, it is available for purchase. Also, rocket launch tickets may incur additional fees.

What to Expect on a Kennedy Space Center Day Trip from Orlando

Tour participants wake up early in the morning for a full day of swooning over space travel at Kennedy Space Center. The day begins with a morning pickup from select Orlando locations, and guests choose a comfortable seat on the bus and relax onboard for a 45-minute ride to the Space Center.

Upon reaching the KSC Visitor Complex, the guests can freely explore the place at their leisure. They can hop aboard a NASA bus for a jaunt to one of the many epic exhibits, many of which include:

  • Early Space Exploration Gallery – Displays stories and artifacts from legendary missions like Gemini (there’s an actual Gemini program capsule on display here!)
  • Rocket Park, where NASA’s first rockets await as well as those from all eras of space travel (the children’s play dome here is a favorite of young and old alike!)

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Kick off at the Apollo/Saturn V Center and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame

Visitors can also head to the Apollo/Saturn V Center and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, where they can relive the excitement of the Apollo era. This complete and magnificent exhibition celebrates the unprecedented feat that shook the entire world: the first moment humans reached the moon.

In this exhibit, tourists can also relive Neil Armstrong’s famous moonwalk, touch a moon rock, and get a closer look at the gigantic Saturn V rocket–in fact, the largest rocket ever built, at 63 feet (110 meters) tall!

Discover the Astronaut Meet Program and the Rocket Garden

Throughout the day, guests can also tour NASA’s most famous landmarks, as well as meet a real veteran NASA astronaut at the Meet the Astronauts exhibit. An epic rocket park with its majestic rockets also awaits, where the first rocket to break free of gravity is located. Another top feature to discover is the Heroes and Legends exhibit, which houses the US Astronaut Hall of Fame and honors NASA’s fallen heroes.

Then, visitors can learn more about what it really takes to become a Martian astronaut exploring the Red Planet in Journey to Mars: The Explorers Wanted Experience.

See out-of-this-world space shows in IMAX: A Virtual Journey to the International Space Station

Afterwards, visitors can feast the eyes and mind with a free show or two at the IMAX theater located within the complex. Shown on massive five-story screens, the star attractions are IMAX® A Beautiful Planet and Journey To Space 3D, taking viewers on a virtual journey to the International Space Station.

In addition, all this virtual space exploration will certainly raise questions for real astronauts. During Astronaut Meet, real astronauts can answer those burning questions while discussing their experiences with the audience, and tell true stories about their careers and tribulations while working in space!

Leave planet Earth and feel what it’s like to be an astronaut at the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit

More mind-bending exhibits draw visitors at the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, where more than 60 interactive experiences provide a full-blown sensory space that stimulates the mind and senses (beep: This is one of the best things to do at Kennedy Space Center!)

On this part of the trip, visitors enjoy the people, passion, and patriotism that support NASA’s space shuttle program, which birthed the International Space Station and launched the Hubble Space Telescope.

Here, tour participants also get a taste of what it’s like to be a real astronaut; They’ll explore a replica of the International Space Station and even board a full-size space shuttle model and experience an authentic virtual launch into space in the amazing Shuttle Launch Experience. This transportation experience is really a wild ride. Aspiring astronauts can orbit the Earth in an extraordinary simulated flight that replicates the real sounds, sights, and feelings of a real shuttle launch.

From taking command in the cockpit of a shuttle to experiencing floating in the middle of space, this is a wicked journey unlike any other – one for visitors to take Not want to miss.

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Of course, between exhibitions and stops, visitors can take snack breaks at their own expense at the Rocket Garden or Orbit Cafe. Once the tour is over and the day is over, the bus collects the tourists and takes them back to their departure point in Orlando – Easy and hassle free.

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Additional tour options: Visitors can upgrade their tour to have a chatty lunch with a real astronaut who is a member of the NASA Astronaut Team!

Another option is available Space Pass Pluswhich combines all of the aforementioned experiences with a guided tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), NASA Bridge, Operations Building and Checkout, and an A/B camera station to display the countdown clock at the press site—formerly the crawler conveyor that animated the Apollo moon rockets.

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Is Kennedy Space Center worth it without a bus tour?

Kennedy Space Center is an incredibly immersive place with overwhelming experiences for fans of space, space travel, human and space history. Whether people choose to take a bus tour or not, the visit is sure to be a memorable day. However, veterans of the center and visitors who have visited the institution before will always recommend a bus tour; It’s a full day experience with what seems like a whole world to explore within the complex. In the end, the bus tour conveniently includes many of the best bits and rarely fails to get five stars in Kennedy Space Center reviews.

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