What we learned from the Spurs’ loss to the Clippers

Disney has produced some great documentaries over the years – creatively titled and specials like penguins or Elephant or Polar bear Highlighting the drama and love lives of these iconic animals. Likewise, the documentary air bud (Oops, this is not a documentary) follows the life of a talented golden retriever as he realizes his dream of playing for the Timberwolves. Not the Minnesota franchise, but the champion Fernfield Washington High school Timberwolves.

This leads one to wonder – could a similar situation help the starving San Antonio Spurs? Don’t worry, I’ve done the homework for you — while there’s no rule that explicitly says a dog can’t play in the NBA, it does imply that. But there is a chance, however slim, that Bob and his buddies could turn to someone less conventional to put the ball in the basket.

One of the rules in the most recent collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and its players states that potential recruits must be at least 19 years old and After one year of high school. The key part is this: a player must have attended high school to qualify for the NBA. So our dog Hope hits a first hurdle, but all is not lost. At the very least, service dogs are allowed to go wherever their owner goes. In theory, a dog could Attend secondary school under this requirement and thus could theoretically qualify for NBA Draft.

However, the biggest hurdle in front of them in the end is Not High school rule. Instead, the NBA minimum age of 19 is the secret (doggie) door keeping dogs of all kinds from achieving their hardwood dreams. Some of your longest-lived breeds, the Jack Russell Terrier (16 years old) and Chihuahua (17 years old), will still have outlived their life expectancy by the time they can raise those four little Chuck Taylor’s. However, there is an ace in the hole. there New Guinea Singing Dog He can live over 18 years and seems like a pretty cool candidate for eventual Vegas or Seattle expansion teams to revamp and fan interest to boot. Think of the round-headed nights a team can have when your star also has an adorable wagging tail and a singing bark?

I truly I digress, but in my defense the game was too late (9:45 tip central time) and too long, with the Spurs dropping one in Tinseltown to Los Angeles Clippers in the final 119-97. They were absolutely bombed by a team that came in on the night that hit about 11 triples in the game and ranked 18th in shooting percentage (34%) from the arc, but they finished 21st-for-39 (54%) from behind. There was a bit of good news though:

Early in the game, the Spurs set a terrific tone with their attacking aggression. Jakob Poeltl showed off his offensive sophistication with several powerful pushes to the hoop, as he and Trey Jones continue to connect in the pick-and-roll. The work Jeremy Suchan put into his midrange game is starting to pay off as well, as he had several nice buckets around his 15-foot range. The defense focused even on Kawhi Leonard, with Soshan and Keita Bates Diop uniting him more often than not. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Leonard who hurt the Spurs as Paul George tallied 18 points in the first quarter and Clips put together the best impression of a beautiful game of 2014 with crisp ball movement and many, many open shots.

Defensive lapses aside, what really stood out was that the lack of talent at the level of a top player once again hurts Spurs against teams who could simply outrun and then dare to reply to the bucket. On nights like these, where Keldon Johnson struggles to get 11 points on 33% shooting, and Devin Vassell (some very dazzling outfit) wears streetwear—his ensemble featured herringbone yellow bell-bottoms, for example—it becomes all too obvious that Spurs This premium content creator is missing in the attack.

Is there room for defensive improvement on a night when John Wall has 10 assists in the first quarter, and four Clippers score 20+ on you? definitely. But the Spurs currently rank 25th out of 30 teams in offensive efficiency (ironically, the Clippers rank 30th), 15th in points per game and 28th in free throw attempts per field goal, a percentage that will certainly be affected by the first-rate shot creator.

Given that it is unlikely that Bob will hire an animal trainer and begin recruiting from city dog ​​parks, any hope for the immediate future will come from the continued development of the existing pool of young, exciting talent and perhaps, A lucky lottery bounce or two. Up until that point, expect to see this attack-hungry story appear many times in Hollywood and beyond.


  • Devin Vassell fits the mid-season look at least:

  • Halfway through the second trimester, I wrote down my notes: “All heart, not enough muscle.” You have to give it to this Tottenham team – they’re trying. They don’t have the firepower or experience to compete on a nightly basis.
  • Trey Jones: 6 points, 10 assists, 1 turnover. Well, shoot 23% from the ground. But he is still surprised by his maturity at this point. He’s also in the final year of his 3-year minimum deal. They need to lock this guy up ASAP.

Game movie:

Duh. Just the best Disney basketball documentary ever (sorry, air there):

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