UK Basketball’s Twitter reactions to Big Blue Madness and Aaron Bradshaw’s choice of Wildcats

Friday night was a big night for BBN as it was finally Big Blue Madness, and aside from the Bahamas trip, it was the first time we met the men’s team for the 2022-23 team and the women’s team.

The women’s team comes out of the 19-12 season and manages to come out with SEC Championship Championship when they defeated South Carolina 64-62 in the championship match.

The NCAA Championship didn’t go as planned, but the end of the season was a huge momentum building factor for the program, and they’ll be looking to get this season going.

On the men’s side, BBN was delightfully introduced to the team this year during their August trip to the Bahamas where they won all four games and provided a glimpse of what to expect this season.

The end of last season wasn’t what anyone expected, but this year the team has brought back several players, added some very talented transfers, and they have some new elites as they look to recover from last season’s early exit from the NCAA Championship.

The 2022-23 cats will be tall and athletic which was a recipe for some of the best Calipari teams during their time in Kentucky.

It’s shaping up to be a fun year for both the men’s and women’s team.

It wasn’t just a big night for BBN to meet the 2022-23 men’s and women’s basketball teams, but it was a big night for John Calipari on the enlistment track.

Prior to the start of Big Blue Madness, he was ranked 5th in the best players list (No. 4) and 1st in 2023 Aaron Bradshaw announced that he has Committed to Kentucky.

The commitment came while Bradshaw was in Lexington to visit BBM and he got a great start to the night.

“Kentucky is home to me,” Bradshaw told On3. “I felt more comfortable there. It works best for me and has my interest. I just want to get there and work hard to get to where I want to go.”

Bradshaw has a chance to be the elite at the defensive end of the Cats with his ability to block and shift shots on the edge.

It is also worth noting that Bradshaw is a high school classmate DJ Wagner Who is the number 2 player overall in the class and has a lot of momentum to end up in Lexington as well.

Calipari is about to sign for a monster class in 2023, and he got a good chunk of that class on Friday night.

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