TikToks called out to Emily Ratajkowski amid reports of Brad Pitt dating

In recent months, Emily Ratajkowski has increasingly used her TikTok page to speak out Feminist issues She regularly calls out famous men for their problematic behavior.

In videos posted to her 1.8 million followers, Emily has out loud against Shia LaBeouf and Harvey Weinstein while also speaking in defense of Amber Heard. She also shared her anger in Raw vs. Wade His heart is done. Recently, she gave her Thoughts on me Adam Levine cheating scandal.

Emily continued her feminist rhetoric over the weekend when she insisted in a new video that the #MeToo movement and “abolition of culture” had not had much of an impact on the world.

Emily went on to claim that instead, men are more afraid of getting caught and don’t actually understand the underlying reasons why they need to change the way they view and treat women.

Emily begins, “I also haven’t changed things in the world, and culture hasn’t changed things, all we have now are men who fear the consequences.” “As a parent, I can tell you when you want to teach your child something like not hitting other kids, you don’t want them not hitting other kids because they’re afraid to go out of time.”

“You want them not to hit other kids because they have empathy and understand that hurting other kids isn’t a nice thing because it’s going to hurt those kids and they don’t want to hurt other kids,” she continues, referring to her 19-year-old, one-month-old son, Sylvester.

“I think in the post-Me Too world, what we have is a lot of men who are afraid of getting caught, they are just afraid of the consequences of their actions,” Emily continues. “They really don’t understand, basically, why they need to change their actions. So this is not progress.”

While many of Emily’s followers agree with what she was saying, the vast majority of them can’t help but question her position as they point out that she was. romantically linked Brad Pitt in recent months.

One comment read: “The girl you’re literally dating Brad Pitt.” Another echoed: “But… aren’t you dating Brad Pitt? I’m confused.”

Another person mentioned Brad’s ex-husband as he wrote: “Justice for Angelina.” Another commented, “Oh my God just like Brad Pitt.”

Another said: “I agree with you, but it’s weird to hear you talk about this when I was seen recently with Brad Pitt :(“

The two stars were first linked in August, with People They reported at the time that they “spend a lot of time together”. Sources told the publication that Brad and Emily share a mutual love for art and “always have a great time when they hang out together.” [and] They keep in touch when they don’t see each other.”

according to yesBrad has been attracted to Emily since they spoke briefly at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party, and he asked her afterwards. She broke up with her husbandSebastian Bear-McClard, earlier this year.

“He asked her, and she said yes,” said an insider. “I’ve always thought Brad was cute, and the way she saw it, what do you have to lose?”

Emily filed for divorce from Sebastian in September after four years of marriage – and two months after they separated allegations of infidelity.

Apparently Brad was helping Emily get over her heartbreak, by telling a source about it People Earlier this month: “She thinks Brad is amazing. They’ve been on a few dates and she’s really in love. She’s so cute when she talks about Brad. She thinks he’s a gentleman. It was really the perfect timing for her.”

But romance rumors between Emily and Brad coincided with Angelina Jolie making a movie series of allegations against him after their breakup.

Brad and Angelina first met in 2005 and shared six children, but in 2016 there was FBI report regarding a “childcare incident” on a private plane involving the ex-couple, with more details emerging earlier this month.

according to The New York TimesAngelina Brad is accused of suffocating and hitting two of her children during that trip in legal documents for a counter suit About a French winery Share once.

In the suit, Angelina Claims Brad grabbed her head and shook her before he grabbed her shoulders and shook her again and pushed her against the bathroom wall. She continues to accuse Brad of pouring beer and red wine on her and her children.

The legal documents read: “When one of the children verbally defended Jolie, Pitt lunged at his child and Jolie took him from behind to stop him. To get Jolie off his back, Pitt threw himself backwards into the plane seats, injuring Julie’s back and elbow.”

“The children rushed inside and everyone bravely tried to protect each other. Before it was over, Pete strangled one of the children and hit another in the face. Some of the children begged Pete to stop, and they were all frightened. Many were crying,” the documents continue.

So it probably comes as no surprise that Emily’s latest TikTok has rubbed viewers the wrong way, with one user admitting that while neither Brad nor Emily has confirmed the increased reports, Emily should clarify if there is any truth to her.

They wrote: “She should tell Brad Pitt if she’s dating him if she’s not, she should clarify it 😳”

Emily was called out in a similar way in September, when she took to her page on TikTok to criticize The new Marilyn Monroe movie from Netflix, Blonde.

The film, directed by Andrew Domenech and starring Ana de Armas, was accused of “female pain fetishHe added, “Look at the way we obsess over dead girls and serial killers. Watch any episode of CSI, a crazy fetish of female pain and death.”

“I think as a woman, I can tell myself, I’ve learned how to deal with my pain and my hurt, so it just feels like something to take care of, that’s kind of sexy.” Oh, I’m this misguided girl and whatever, “And I think we do it in a lot of different ways. But I want that to change,” Emily continues.

Once again, her followers overwhelmingly agreed with the core of Emily’s TikTok Blonde Receive widespread backlash Since its release last month.

But others pointed out that Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, was behind the film, as they questioned how she could date someone whose work conflicts with her personal beliefs.

“Agree. What does Brad Pitt think of yours?” one person commented at the time. Another asked, “Wait but don’t you see the man who made it???…. Plan B productions…. Brad Pitt…???”

Overall, one Twitter user seemed to sum up the public reaction to Emily’s recent uploads when they wrote: “Why is Emily Ratajkowski making feminist speeches on TikTok when she doesn’t address the fact that she’s dating Brad Pitt…love her but..”

Why is Emily Ratajkowski making feminist speeches on TikTok when she doesn’t address the fact that she’s dating Brad Pitt…I love her but..

Twitter: @dojasbella

BuzzFeed News has contacted a representative for Emily for comment.

Meanwhile, although Brad has not publicly commented on the new allegations against him in his legal file, he has previously been outspoken about it. Struggle with alcohol Being a factor in the breakdown of his relationship with Angelina.

“I was drinking too much. It just became a problem,” he told Britain GQ In 2017, where he also referred to the investigation of children’s services with him.

“I was really on my back and chained to a system when children’s services were being called,” Brad explained at the time.

Brad said he now has an ongoing commitment to staying vigil after spending 18 months in attendance atReally special and eclecticThe group of Alcoholics Anonymous that made him feel “safe”.

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