Three statistics that mark the beginning of Steve Sarkissian’s reign in Texas

Saturday’s loss 37-34 from overtime before Texas Longhorns to me Texas Tech Lubbock’s Red Raiders have not only been familiar because of the number of times the Longhorns have been disappointed since 2009, but because they represented a growing trend during Texas head coach Steve Sarkissian’s tenure — the inability to finish a game against opponents despite progressing in the first half or in the late time. the game.

Against Texas Tech, the Texas topped 24-14 in the first inning and then went up 31-17 in the third quarter after running Bejan Robinson for 40 yards, at which point the Longhorns had a 95.8 percent probability of winning, according to ESPN.

But the Red Raiders scored 20 of the game’s last 23 points to make a statistically unlikely comeback as the Longhorns defense had to face 60 games in the second half as Texas Tech held the ball for more than 19 minutes and never had to run. .

Meanwhile, offense broke out after Robinson ran a touchdown, producing just 11 games for 17 yards on three drives before a desperate four-game, 47-yard drive with 21 seconds remaining that produced the miraculous field goal.

“Very inconsistent in the attack,” Sarkissian He said. “It was so big. We struggled to protect our midfielder and win first in the second half. We missed some chances in the passing game, we couldn’t catch the ball we used to, and in the end, we turned the ball twice, which we haven’t done here in the two weeks. Defensively, our inability to walk off the field was a real factor.”

Texas Tech eventually played 100-for-60-plays for Texas and won the spinning battle 2-0 even though the Longhorns forced two fumbles and had a chance to intercept the vulnerable Red Raiders quarterback Donovan Smith.

The nature of the upheaval or fall of Sarkissian’s offense and the defense’s inability to force coups or obtain major stopping points have been in the bombing threads of Texas since Sarkissian’s arrival.

trend started in cotton bowl Last season when Texas advanced 38-20 at halftime against Oklahoma and maintained a 41-30 lead heading into the fourth quarter before giving up 25 points for the urgent team over the last 15 minutes, including a 52-yard touchdown pass and two touchdowns managed by Kennedy Brooks as The defense of the Longhorns was tired and withered in the Dallas sun.

against Oklahoma The following week, Texans were leading 17-3 with the possibility of extending the lead when Casey Thompson returned through a interception to land. In the first half, the margin was 17-13, and it was extended to 24-13 on Robinson’s touchdown. But the Cowboys scored the last 19 points in the game as the Horns went three times and went out four times after Robinson touched down, flipped the ball down, and lost any fading hopes of a comeback when Thompson threw another interception with just under two minutes. stay.

The following week against Baylor saw more of the same – a 14-10 first-half lead extended to 21-10 after Robinson’s foot landed and then collapsed as the Bears scored 21 consecutive points to overcome the deficit. After touchdown, Longhorns hit the ball and flipped it down when Sarkeesian called a mock kick by Cameron Decker at 4 and 11. Three games later, Baylor scored to put a 10-point lead.

Confrontation Iowa, Texas took a 7-3 lead at the end of the first half. The Hurricanes then stormed into the long centuries in the second half, scoring the last 27 points with the help of two explosive games – a 49-yard touchdown run by Breece Hall and a 49-yard touchdown by Xavier Hutchinson on a throw from current Texas wide receiver Tariq Melton. In the second inning, the Longhorns were out three times and out in the first three rounds, after five plays in the fourth, Robinson flopped in the fifth drive, the sixth drive lasted only four times, and only the last drive ran out of the rest of the clock on the loss.

With the improved roster and supposedly improved team culture, these losses weren’t supposed to continue to happen this season, but the coaching staff has yet to show enough ability to make the right adjustments on both sides of the ball as the offense tends to stall and the defense can’t get stopping points, including In that allowing Alabama to 10 points in the fourth quarter as Crimson Tide climbed by six points.

Until the trend line changes the trend, the Horns will remain mired in the intermediate level.

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