Thompson: Klay Thompson finally exploded — and made the Warriors’ blueprint clear

This was the performance he had longed for. It was worth his obvious strut. Clay Thompson He had the right to speak like that, flash with four fingers, growl from his diaphragm, and bark at his critics. But that wasn’t how Thompson felt after his first monster performance of the season, a 41-point night leading up to the first the Warriors Winning on the road this season.

“I don’t care anymore,” Thompson said. I really let the trolls get to me. Like, “What am I doing?” I just had a revelation where I was like, “Man, just be you and it’ll all begin.” Slam me all you want. But I know how awesome I am and what I’m capable of, And I think true Warriors fans know that, too.”

This was old Clay, who got lost a bit trying to summon him. Not just in the great number he put up. But also in how he gets the shots. As was the case in the win against New York on Friday, Thompson let offense come to him, harnessing the action and speed that have always fueled his game. Then, when it was over, his behavior was like that of old Clay, too. Appropriately excited but not too gloating.

Thompson has spoken a lot this season, reminding people of his greatness, what he’s overcome, how he doesn’t stay long, and that the gates will open. But on Sunday in Houston, he allowed gasps at the Toyota Center to be his closing argument. He found his game by losing his resolve to revive it.

He’s not worried about what happens to Clay. Draymond Green He said. “He’s worried about what’s going on with this team. And when Clay is worried about what’s going on with this team, Clay plays great and we win. I always said he’s the most competitive player I’ve ever played with and winning was always the most important thing to him.” Sometimes, we all stray from who we are. And in the sisterhood, you need someone to bring you back to who you are. I have no doubt in my mind that if it were me, he would do the same.”

It’s hard to say things change when a 74-point performance from the backcourt leads the Warriors to nail-biting against the worst team in the Western Conference. The Splash Brothers merged with Andrew Wiggins At 23, he hit 3s on Sunday, the most by a triple in a single game in the United States NBA Date per ESPNand are still having difficulty dispatching Kevin Porter Jr. and crew.

But …

The Warriors win 127-120 missiles Emphasize a blueprint for how to get their season back on track. star power. He’s on all four stars who account for $148 million in salary cap. This may not be the way they set out. After the tournament kicked off, the smart plan was to buy them more rest and save them for the latter part of the season. But the Warriors’ bench is still a bit of a mess. The new veterans are still adapting (and looking better) and the young players who should have been given bigger roles this season can’t get into the game.

Those are problems that must be resolved or addressed at some point. But for now, to kick off this season, you have to be the stars. They will have to play big minutes, make big performances and organize big wins. It may not be necessary throughout the season. But it is now. There are no other options at the moment.

The Strength in Numbers has returned to The Strength in the Stars.

Stephen Curry It was exciting and was especially amazing in Houston. He totaled 33 points on 20 shots, 15 assists, six rebounds, three steals and two blocks. The Warriors edged Houston by 22 points in 37 minutes from Curry. He scored eight points with three assists in the final minutes of a close game, including Short Purvis greetings from the late 3rdto shut down the missiles.

But the Warriors left Houston with a win because Curry got the help. Because Thompson is gone. Because Wiggins had a lot of his 22 points in critical turns. Because Draymond Green was into the glue game.

“It was nice to help him out a little bit,” Thompson said. “It felt good to play a big game. I’m my toughest critic. The first 10 games of the season weren’t easy for me. So, to be myself again, it felt incredible.”

An important way in which coach Steve Kerr relied on his stars was by placing Draymond Green in the second unit. The Warriors led by 12 points in the second quarter, but their reserve unit – Jordan PaulAnd the Donte DivincenzoAnd the Jonathan CumingaAnd the Anthony Lamb And the Kevon Looney – gave up a 13-0 run against the Rockets at 2:35. The Warriors’ lead was fading, the lowly Rockets (going into the game 3-13) were oozing with confidence, and this was shaping up to be another disaster on the road for Golden State. The Freshmen righted the ship and took a three-point lead going into the fourth quarter. This time, Draymond Green was with the second unit, replacing Looney, along with Poole, DiVincenzo, Jamical Green And the Musa Modi.

Green’s leadership and presence on the court had an immediate impact. It was his pep talk that got Thompson’s head right and into a more effective style of play. Now the player who was thought to have lost his leadership powers, is yet to come Pre-season incident with Paulto being the intangible strength they so desperately needed.

The stars will be the ones to go through with it.


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Five Notes: Warriors’ first win on the road; Klay Thompson and Steve Curry combined for 74 points

Veterans have been on the field in close games in the past and have not. But if they’re going to get this season together, they can’t afford it. Even if the seat blows lead. Even if they don’t play well. If they stand a chance of winning, the stars must submit. That’s what they are now.

That is why Sunday was a good sign. Wiggins still has room to grow. While he’s shooting the triple in a career-best clip as he comes out with a few buckets at the right time, he can really help the team’s defense by closing in on this end.

“I don’t think his defense was as good as last year,” Kerr said. “I think he knows that. He goes hand in hand with our defense.”

But if Curry plays like MVP. And Thompson found his way. Wiggins gets buckets and eventually stops. And Draymond Green has his hand on both ends and on the pulse. And if Paul finds the groove he’s currently running from. Then the warriors could turn this thing over.

Should be the stars.

(Photo: Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images)

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