The NASCAR Foundation announces the 12th annual winner of the Petit Jeanne France Humanitarian Award

Daytona Beach, Florida – November 22, 2022
Ralph Macaroni/Photo courtesy of Who We Play For

NASCAR has announced that Ralph Maccaroni is the winner of the 12th Annual Petit Jean France Humanitarian Award. Who do we play for?a national organization with a mission to eliminate preventable sudden cardiac arrest in young people through affordable heart screenings.

“It is a great honor to win the Betty Jean France Humanitarian Prize,” Macaroni said following the announcement. “The entire NASCAR Foundation and the NASCAR Foundation have been amazing to work with, and we are so excited to be using this money to help students and save lives.”

Who do we play for?

Maccaroni, who co-founded Who We Play For after losing his 15-year-old son to sudden cardiac arrest, has served and supported the organization for more than a decade. He received the most votes online from a group of volunteers, including Dan Majetich of the Nick and Kelly Children’s Heart Fund, Tammy Garrett of the Rapahope Children’s Retreat Foundation in Alabama, and Tracy Williams of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. Together, the group of finalists has impacted more than 100,000 children through their combined 81 years of service. Each of these organizations received a $25,000 donation from the NASCAR Foundation in recognition of the accomplishments of the nominated volunteers.

“Ralph has dedicated his life to ensuring that young people have the right performances that could one day save their lives,” said Nicole Krieger, CEO of NASCAR. “He has spent countless hours volunteering at shows, fundraising, and advocating for change as Who We Play For has grown into a national organization that reaches more communities each year. His work and the work of all of our finalists exemplify the lasting legacy of Betty Jean France and countless others of children the NASCAR Foundation continues to impress.”

Maccarone co-founded Who We Play For in 2012 with a vision to inspire and empower schools, sports clubs and communities to offer heart screenings to all student athletes and students. Through his work, Maccarone helped bring Who We Play For to many districts across the country as he advocated for sudden cardiac arrest legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. With the $100,000 prize, Maccarone hopes to bring check heart events to more NASCAR communities over the next two years.


Aside from his service, Maccarone was a fan of NASCAR after his wife, Valerie, first introduced him to the sport. He and his son begin following Ryan Newman after discovering that the driver shares the same birthday as his son.

In 12 years, the humanitarian Betty Jane France Award has honored 48 NASCAR fans who are dedicated volunteers working for children’s causes in communities nationwide. The lives of more than 475,000 children have been affected by the programme, as the program has contributed $2 million to children’s charities.

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About the NASCAR Foundation

The NASCAR Foundation is a leading philanthropic organization improving the lives of needy children in the NASCAR racing communities through the Children’s Speediatrics Fund and the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. Since 2006, the NASCAR Foundation has contributed more than $41 million to impacting the lives of more than 1.5 million children across the country.

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