The internet’s favorite candles are rarely on sale before Black Friday — and they sell out fast

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Get Boy Smells’ bestselling scents at 25 percent off.

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As the cozy season begins, there’s one non-negotiable rule when it comes to home decor: A seasonal candle burning (at all times, if possible). Enters boy scentthe luxury fragrance and candle company revolutionizing the modern scent industry.

Boy Smells co-founders Matthew Herman and David Kien had a goal to transcend gender norms in the fragrance industry by creating universally appealing scents, according to the brand. It’s quickly becoming a beloved website for its luxurious scents and tasteful packaging—a rarity when these products are discounted, which is why the website is at the top of our shopping list this holiday season.

If you’re looking for a gift anyone will love (or something special for yourself) you’re in luck. Boys Smells prides itself on the “gender” fragrance experience and has a wide range of clean, floral, woody, and earthy scents – a range of scents for every type of fragrance favorite. The best part, though, is that you can get individual products, including best-selling fragrances and holiday candles, at 25 percent off through November 29.

LES candle

Each Boy Smells candle features a natural blend of coconut and beeswax with a braided cotton wick. This LES candle is named after both the French plural for masculine and feminine and Manhattan’s famous Lower East Side neighborhood. With layered notes including fresh cedarwood and rose, this candle is sure to spark love at first sniff. The clean scent mimics a luxury hotel lobby or a gorgeously fruity floral bouquet, thanks to elements of black currant and peach blossom. The standard 8.5 ounce burn time is 50 hours for days of freshness, or choose the jumbo size three-wick for 110 hours of burn.

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Shop now: $27 (originally $36);

Cameo candle

The pattern candle is another classic candle from the elegant Boy Smells collection in black and pink. This instantly recognizable, clean scent will become the signature scent for your home and cold-weather companion. Burn this wick to create a floral and spicy atmosphere. An intoxicating blend of rose, vanilla, and ginger is the perfect recipe for a warm, fresh scent.

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Shop now: $27 (originally $36);

Kush cashmere candle

If you want to gift a refreshing fragrance that is also aesthetically pleasing, a Cashmere Kush candle should be at the top of your list. Choosing a candle scent can be overwhelming, but Cashmere Kush is a liquid scent that will suit any space. Belonging to the woody and floral aromatic families, this candle fills any room with a musky, woodsy scent that mimics the warmth and comfort of a cashmere blanket.

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Shop now: $27 (originally $36);

Figurare Holiday Candle

Enjoy the holiday cheer with the seasonal Boy Smells collection. This fig candle features notes of fig, lavender, balsam fir, and cedarwood for an earthy, festive scent. Standard holiday candles sell out quickly, but you can still get three-wick magnum sizes incl broken rosary And the burner While they are still available. After all, what screams holidays more than a giant candle burning next to your decor?

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Shop now: $33 (originally $44);

Marble fruit perfume

The marbled fruit fragrance is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The scent of this scent will reveal a refreshing blend of light fruits, clean florals, and warm musks for a well-balanced and elegant blend. This perfume comes in a travel-friendly .33 ounce size to serve as a luxury stocking bag, or make it the main event 2 ounce bottle.

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Shop now: $73.50 (originally $98);

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