The House of a Painted Lady in San Francisco holds a benefit for injured painter Paul Madonna

George Horsfall never met the painter Paul Madonna, and he doesn’t know if Madonna painted Horsfall’s home, which happens to be 712 Steiner Street, a pale blue Queen Anne Victorian, in a row of sultry homes known as the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square.

But once Horsvall learned that Madonna was in the intensive care ward at San Francisco General Hospital due to internal injuries after a horrific head-on car wreck, he began organizing a tour of the Painted Lady’s house to help pay for Madonna’s medical needs. Without hesitation or prodding, he did so on four days’ notice to show how important the artist is to those who appreciate San Francisco’s visual aesthetic, and the way Madonna captures it with understated elegance.

“Paul has the ability to draw something you’ve seen a million times and add something completely new that you haven’t seen before,” said Horsfall, whose family in San Francisco traces back to the Gold Rush. “He can take something old and tired and make it completely his own. I consider it the treasure of the city.”

Horsval House is also a treasure. Built in 1894, it is the most intact of the seven houses in Painted Ladies Row, and makes a round at 4pm every day to all those who gather before it.

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