The Home Dairy Building on Commons, the birthplace of Firebrand Books, receives historical classification status

ITHACA, New York – The Home Dairy Building in Ithaca Commons, at 143 East State Street, was approved for historic designation Wednesday at the Ithaca Commons House meeting, meaning that at least one other building in the House of Commons will be immune from the ongoing development of downtown.

A unanimous vote was taken Wednesday night at the Joint Council, after the council received a recommendation from the Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Since the meeting covered a wide range of topics but fairly briefly, there is no table of contents for this meeting summary. If you want to watch all the actions of the joint council, you The recording can be viewed here. If you want to continue, you can. See the agenda here. Acting Mayor Laura Lewis presented her budget for 2023 during the meeting as well, though we’re giving this topic its own story — look for that to be posted on Thursday afternoon.

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