The CEO says the job cuts at Amazon will continue through 2023

Amazon Announce job cuts in the company Last week, he said that management decided to merge some teams and programs after evaluation.

The e-commerce giant has refused to disclose the exact number of workers that have been let go, although previous reports have estimated the moves will affect around 10,000 people, or 3% of employees worldwide.

On Wednesday, Dave Limp, senior vice president of Devices and Services, told employees his division would face cuts.

Andy Jassy He said on Friday that the layoffs were a result of the “difficult” state of the economy and rapid hiring in recent years.

“We are in the middle of our annual operational planning review where we look at each of our businesses and make decisions on what we think needs to change.

“Leaders across the company are working with their teams and looking at their workforce levels, the investments they want to make in the future, and prioritizing what is most important to customers and the long-term health of our business. This year’s review is even more challenging due to the fact that the economy is still We are in a challenging position and have hired quickly in the last several years.”

The annual planning process will continue into the new year, Jassy said, which means there will be more job cuts as “leaders continue to make adjustments.”

While management has yet to say exactly how many add-ons will be affected, Jassy hinted that there will be store cuts and PXT groups, and each leader will report back to their individual teams when the details are finalized.

Alexa, grab the axe.

Despite the improvement in Amazon’s profits in the third quarter from previous quarters, Gross earnings were below expectations. As a result, Amazon was already making cuts in many areas even before it announced its latest layoffs.

Reports claim that Amazon’s Alexa and its entire hardware team are now the main targets of layoffs — the largest in the company’s history.

Business interested She says she has spoken with more than a dozen current and former employees of the hardware team who have claimed this The division was in crisis.

Alexa, Amazon’s personal virtual assistant, has been available to customers since 2013.

Alexa is compatible with a variety of Amazon devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Studio, Amazon Echo Flex, Amazon Echo buds, Amazon Echo Frames, and Amazon Echo Loop.

Having been one of the company’s fastest-growing projects, recent developments — such as spiraling losses and deep staff cuts — underscore just how quickly Voice Assistant, Amazon’s largest hardware business, has fallen on hard times.

“Alexa is a complete failure of the imagination,” said a former employee. “It was a missed opportunity.”

According to the internal data obtained from the insideInc., the Amazon Worldwide Digital division, which covers everything from voice service Alexa and Echo smart speakers to streaming video service Prime, suffered an operating loss of nearly $3 billion during the first quarter of 2022 — by far the largest loss in the region.

A source familiar with the division said the bulk of the company’s losses can be attributed to Alexa, as well as other devices.

said the staff from the inside That over the past several years, a combination of bad morale, unsuccessful revenue efforts, and a lack of engagement among customers and engineers has left the team feeling as though the team is at a standstill.

Plus, Alexa couldn’t compete once Google and Apple increased their investment in voice control technology.

according to from the inside intelligenceGoogle Assistant currently has 81.5 million users in the US, followed by Apple Siri with 77.6 million. Alexa lags behind with only 71.6 million users.

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