Samsung and Apple on their toes after an obscene leak! The new Pixel 7a could be the phone of the year 2023

Samsung’s Galaxy A series and Apple’s iPhone SE might be some of the best sales mid-range phones in the world, but that does not mean that they bring Betterthe value! This may be especially true in 2023, when The Google The new Pixel 7a is expected to be launched.

What makes Google’s mid-range phone 2023 particularly interesting is that according to Leaks and rumorsThis product is now expected to arrive much earlier in the year than its predecessor, which would indeed be a huge win…

In fact, Amazon is now letting users sign up for the upcoming Google Pixel 7a Family Launch Announcement, which indicates that the launch of the Pixel 7a may proceed. Amazon’s Pixel 7a family reference could mean there’s more to the Pixel 7a model, which could be the larger Pixel 7a XL but that’s neither here nor there (for now).

But that’s not where the leaks and rumors ever end, because developer Kuba Wojciechowski dug deep into Google’s code to actually find out. everything About the new Pixel 7a, and the news is amazing! After this leak, I actually wonder… Why would anyone buy a vanilla Pixel 7 or… any other Android phone instead of the Pixel 7a?

So, let’s take an early look at the Pixel 7a’s specs! Spoiler: This device is a serious competitor to the 2023 phone even before the start of the year!

Outrageous camera upgrades and a 90Hz main display mean the Pixel 7a could be the best bargain Android phone… Ever

according to Kuba WojciechowskiThe Pixel 7a’s screen is now expected to match Pixel 7 When it comes to the refresh rate (90Hz), it addresses my biggest complaint about the Pixel 6a and its 60Hz panel. It’s time Google caught up to the Android competition as all phones in this price range now come with 90-120Hz screens.

It is important to note that the Pixel 7a should have a smaller 6-inch screen which makes it the perfect choice for many people over the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. The compact phone is a valid selling point for users who don’t want to carry a brick in their pocket (my primary phone is the iPhone 13 mini).

Big camera upgrades come to the budget Pixel 7a

What’s equally exciting is that the Pixel 7a is said to launch with a Sony IMX787 primary camera sensor that debuted in early 2022, as well as two Sony IMX712 sensors — one for the ultra-wide-angle camera and one for the selfie shooter (again, all according to for Kuba code leaks). While the (supposedly) 13 MP IMX712 is still unannounced, we already know that the Sony IMX787 is a 1/1.3-inch 64MP sensor identical to Pixel 7 Pro And Galaxy S22 Ultra for size (not megapixels)! This would be a very big improvement over the Sony IMX363 that Google used in this year’s Pixel 6a and Pixel 2 from 2017 and The Big Pioneer Challenge is a long time coming!

Google’s plan to compete with Apple and Samsung starts with the Pixel 7a, not the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro?

Competing with Apple and Samsung for sales and market share is tough. Only two phone makers (Huawei and Xiaomi) have managed to properly compete with the US and South Korean giants in the past 10 years, which means that no matter how hard it tries, Google will need ages to catch up.

However, if there is one way to make an impression, capture interest and sell phones, it is precisely by making and offering affordable devices that deliver incredible value. Huawei and Xiaomi took the same path to the top a few years ago, penetrating the global market with mid-range phones, and now Google may be trying to achieve the same feat!

Pixel 7a’s massive upgrades are leaking, excited beyond belief Android users are buying it

Watch out, Apple and Samsung! The Pixel 7a might be the best phone deal we’ve ever seen; Even the Pixel 7 doesn’t stand a chance (which doesn’t make sense, Google)

Honestly, it’s hard to believe what Google is rumored to be doing with the Pixel 7a. I mean, the leaks we got came from reliable sources with good follow-up records for providing reliable information, but it’s all like that Too good to be true…The Pixel 7a is more or less expected to match the Pixel 7 in terms of specs, except for a smaller screen (which many would prefer) and a slightly different camera arrangement that could be as good or even better than the vanilla Pixel 7! Of course, 7a will also include three years of just-in-time software updates and four years of extended security support, which makes it even more attractive.

The main question is whether the Pixel 7a will keep the same $449 price tag as the Pixel 6a, given all the big upgrades on the horizon. If so, the 7a could not only become the best mid-range phone on the market, but also one of the best Android deals we’ve ever seen. Like ever!

Speaking of competition, the Pixel 7a’s main challenges are shaping up to be ahead Galaxy A54 (We already know what this is going to look like), the None Phone 2 (we still haven’t heard anything about this), and the iPhone SE 4. Apple’s mid-range is a bit of a wildcard, since it’s not 100% certain it’ll debut. Next year. Regardless, none of these phones will be able to match the Pixel 7a when it comes to overall value, at least on paper and if rumors spread about them all.

Of course, it is also worth reminding you that the Pixel 7a will not be offered in as many countries as the Galaxy A54 and iPhone SE. However, big markets like the US, Europe, UK and India should be celebrating!

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