Refereeing overreactions in NFL Week 11

Indianapolis – The Philadelphia Eagles have spent the entire week refusing to overreact. They suffered their first loss of the season on Monday night, then went right back into action telling themselves it was just a bad game, everyone owns it up, and there was no reason to panic.

Then they got into Indianapolis on Sunday and almost got away with someone else.

The Eagles marched through the first three quarters against the Colts, trailed 13-3 going into the fourth and didn’t hold a lead until their quarterback Jalen Hurts She dashed into the end zone with 1 minute and 20 seconds left on the clock. They ran away from Indy with a 17-16 victory and a feeling that they had gotten away with something.

A lot to clean, for sure. Jason Kelsey He said. “We played a bad game in attack.”

Of course, the Eagles are 9-1. Almost every team in the league wishes they could get into trouble with the Eagles. If you can win games where you’re not playing your best, that’s just a plus. It only prepares you better for everything from supplement seeding to dealing with adversity. One of the many people who were here from Philadelphia asked me after the game, “Do the Eagles deserve this win?” And I said, “Who cares? They got it!” And I stand by him.

However, just because the Eagles won’t overreact to a couple of bad games doesn’t mean we can’t, right? Let’s lead our Week 11 reactions column with the league’s top team escape.

Eagles attack in trouble without Dallas Goedert

Goedert, the Eagles’ tight end, was injured in Monday night’s loss to the Washington Chiefs and is now on injured reserve, meaning he missed Sunday’s game and will miss at least three more. Without him, Philadelphia stopped offense several times on Sunday for a variety of reasons, including multiple penalties by the tight ends working to replace him. Philly didn’t do much right on offense all day until they got into the fourth quarter and seemed to say to Hurts, “You know what? You just take over and win that thing for us, okay?” Which he did.

The Eagles are well prepared in their division, but they can’t afford to take their feet off the gas. Washington seems to come alive. The New York Giants might be coming, but they’re 7-3. The Dallas Cowboys look like they’re going to push the Eagles all year long. Philly have to keep winning and most weeks that will mean playing better in attack than they did on Sunday.

Verdict: Bypass

First of all, the Colts defense has been tough on everyone this year. There’s no shame in scoring just 17 goals against Indianapolis, especially on the road in a short week. Philly were coming off a tough loss in the Premier League, playing a tough defensive opponent and should not be worried just because they struggled to score. The spreads (twice more on Sunday, six in the previous two games) and penalties should worry them a bit, but they haven’t been a self-defeating team all year, so it’s easy to keep that in mind.

Godert will return at some point, and in the meantime, the Eagles have enough good players on offense that they should be able to figure it out without him. They play the Green Bay Packers next Sunday night. All you have to do against them is run the ball. Eagles will be fine. Oh, and by the way, they were Much Better on defense on Sunday than they were last week. So, consider that as well.

Taylor Hynek Good enough to take the leaders to the playoffs

The Chiefs followed up their Monday night win over the previously undefeated Eagles with a 23-10 victory over a woeful Houston Texans. Houston only had 5 yards of offense in the first half, and Washington held a comfortable 20-0 halftime lead. Heinicke was an amazing 15 of 27 for 191 yards, but didn’t steer the ball and efficiently ran the offense while the defense controlled.

Washington has won five of its past six games (only losing that stellar game to the Minnesota Vikings) after starting the season 1-4, and the turnaround coincided with the start of Week 1. Carson Wentz injury and Heinicke took over. The team seems to have responded to him in a positive way. And while they’re still in last place in the NFC East, the leaders’ 6-5 record would be good enough for first place in the NFC South and put them on the sidelines in the wild card race.

The verdict: Not an override

Seven teams are now making the playoffs in each conference, and the NFC appears to be the weaker of the two conferences this year. Those #6’s and #7’s are kind of up for grabs, especially the #7, which currently belongs to the 5-4 San Francisco 49ers, who play Monday night. Washington Right thereand its schedule is another one of those relatively soft NFC East programs.

The leaders play the Atlanta Falcons next week (more on them in a second), then oddly have back-to-back games against the Giants wrapping around their bye week. Next, they visited San Francisco for what would have massive wild card implications, and then finished with home games against the Cleveland Browns and Cowboys. they can get it Chase Young Back to bolster their defense here in the next week or so. Look, you might think leaders are playing in over their heads, and they might be. But the math says they’re into this thing, and Heinicke brought enough of the YOLO factor to this surprising period of his career that you can’t dismiss him.

The Falcons would outlast the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and win the NFC South title

Hawks won’t go away, right? They beat the Chicago Bears 27-24 on Sunday thanks to an effective performance by a QB Marcus MariotaAn effective running game, the defense did just that Just enough to keep it Justin Fields A game bomber and kicker who can hit reliably from 53 yards.

They’ve lost the turnover battle, they’ve lost time of possession so much and Chicago has outscored them in this game 288 yards to 280. I don’t know how the Falcons have won games, but they’re only 5-6 and a half-game behind first-place Tampa Bay in the NFC South.

The verdict: Not an override

I don’t say this will It happens, but it’s never an exaggeration to say that Can is happening. We kind of expect Tom Brady And they come out of their bye week and take that division away, but what if they don’t?

Arthur Smith’s Hawks don’t seem to be doing well. Only once this year have they won two games in a row. They have no business here, and the fact that they are in this discussion is a testament to Smith’s leadership and how disappointing the two presidents were. If players don’t pull themselves together, these hawks are just as opportunistic as their mascots, ready to swoop in and steal a clincher spot away from the goats. Tampa Bay needs to be careful, or their Week 18 home game against the Falcons could turn out to be far more important than what the Bucks want.

The Vikings are not as good as their track record

a look. Everyone can have a bad day. This is allowed. But when you play at home 8-1 and lose 40-3? This opens the eye. This is the kind of result that causes people to say things like, “See??? Tell You were no good Vikings! Minnesota was completely destroyed on Sunday by the Cowboys in their own building, ending a seven-game winning streak in which every win was by one score or less.

The Vikings are 8-2 even though they’ve already allowed more points this year than they scored, which should be some kind of record. You take a beating like that on your court against a playoff opponent in your conference, and you’ll hear it from all angles where people were still suspicious of you. Easy like that.

Verdict: Bypass

The Vikings may not be as good as their seven-game winning streak made them look, but it’s hard to see how bad they are as bad as Sunday made them look. The Cowboys are considered one of the best teams in the league. I know, I know, we’re a long way from them after a week of excelling in the fourth quarter and losing to Green Bay, but that’s the same point I’m making. Everyone has bad days. Minnesota was much worse than most. The Vikings are in great shape in the NFC North and should cruise toward a division title, and just because they fell behind for a loss doesn’t make any of that incorrect.

I think the problem here is that people won’t buy the Vikings until they see a quarterback Kirk Cousins He advanced multiple times in the same postseason, and that’s fair. But there is nothing Minnesota can do about it until January. We’ll see how he bounces back from one of the worst tackles any contender has had all year, but honestly, we won’t be able to draw any conclusions about the Vikings until they play some playoff games. which they will do.

The Cincinnati Bengals is still the most dangerous team in the AFC

The defending Asian champions avenged their dismal Week 1 loss to the Steelers with a 37-30 victory in Pittsburgh. It hasn’t been easy—nothing with the Bengals this year—but even with coming off the top Joe Mixon Out game for a great distances and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase Still out with a groin injury, Joe BurrowAnd the Trey HendricksonAnd the T Higgins And the Bengals found a way.

The Bengals improved their record to 6-4 — still only one game behind the Baltimore Ravens in No. 1 in the AFC North, and by the time their game was over, good enough to hold No. 7 in projected AFC Stadium. , awaiting the outcome of the Los Angeles Chargers-Kansas City Chiefs game Sunday night.

The verdict: Not an override

They still have Burrow. They still have memories of last January/February. They still have Chase coming back sometime soon. Cincinnati still faces an uphill climb as a result of heartbreaking early-season losses to Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Baltimore, but they have the ability and self-confidence to make the climb. They may not catch crows in the department. They may not have enough to go to Kansas City and win the playoffs again this season. But no one would be comfortable with the Bengals in contention until someone beats them up.

Sunday’s victory over an admittedly below par Pittsburgh team showed that. You can laugh all you want about the Steelers, but the history between these two teams is real and painful for Cincinnati. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets – beating the Steelers tells you things are good now with the Bengals.

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