Pierce Brosnan reveals that Robin Williams dressed as an iconic lady. Doubtfire line

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Pierce Brosnan Robin Williams revealed the improvisation of one of “Mrs. Doubtfire’s” most famous scenes, as he opened up about the first time he met the late actor on the set of the classic movie.

During a recent interview with GQ, the James Bond actor recalled filming the movie with Williams and the number of laughs they had in the process.

Brosnan revealed that one of Williams’ most famous lines in the movie wasn’t originally in the script and was an impromptu moment that made him in the movie.

In the scene, Williams, as Mrs. Doubtfire, throws lime at the back of Brosnan’s character’s head. In an attempt to escape blame, Williams told Brosnan that it was a “runaway fruit” perpetrated by someone who ran away.

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Pierce Brosnan reveals any iconic font of

Pierce Brosnan reveals which iconic ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ line was worn by Robin Williams
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“Run the fruit, it wasn’t in the script,” Brosnan said. “I get a beer, and I turn back and think, ‘It’s going to take forever to hit me in the head.’ He missed the first and second is history.”

The actor had a lot to say about his former star, but mainly he was excited to work with him. He remembers that he was excited about getting the role because he was a single dad and needed work but primarily because he “was a single dad getting a job with Robin Williams. “

The “Mamma Mia” actor also recalled his first meeting with the comedian, explaining that they first met in the makeup trailer on Brosnan’s first day on “Mrs. Doubtfire.” He explained that Williams was going to do Mrs. Doubtfire’s makeup.

“I remember going to San Francisco on day one. I went to the makeup trailer, and Robin was there in a Hawaiian T-shirt, big hairy arms and short hairy-legged shorts, but he had the head of Mrs. Doubtfire,” he said.

He remembers that Williams initially greeted him as Mrs. Doubtfire, complimenting him on the appearance in her voice and instructing him to kiss her, before turning to his usual voice and greeting him himself.

Brosnan said, “I’d go to work every day on this movie, and I’d always work with Mrs. Doubtfire. It wasn’t until the end of the movie that I met Robyn.”

He met Brosnan Williams when he dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire and had makeup on his face.

He met Brosnan Williams when he dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire and had makeup on his face.
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His experience with Williams on the set left a very positive impression. Brosnan noted that Williams was “one of the greatest clowns, the greatest comedians, actors, and humanitarians” who always “led with his heart and soul”. He couldn’t have been more ‘cheerful to work with (and) Sally Field. “

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Brosnan credited the work environment the director created for allowing Williams to explore every opportunity to improve and add his own glow backstage.

“Chris Columbus, the director, created such a warm environment for all of us to be free and create,” Brosnan said. “Robin, of course, has had a whole world of creativity and spontaneity and humanity and passion for all of us as actors. His commitment to this role has been exceptional. He’ll be there from four in the morning.”

Last year, Columbus told SF Gate that a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire“It probably won’t be made because it doesn’t seem possible without Williams.

Director Chris Columbus said last year that a minor movie would be impossible without Robin Williams.
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It’s impossible. It’s impossible, Columbus said. “I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, ironically, today and around Broadway Show. This guy who plays him is supposed to be very energetic and cool. But he is not Robin. Robin was one of a kind.”

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