Cancer survival rate high in the United States

In a recent article by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)In the twelfth edition of the annual Cancer Progress Report, researchers highlight basic, translational, clinical, clinical, and population sciences cancer research. The AACR Cancer Progress Report highlights innovative cancer research that improves, extends and saves lives. Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock The comprehensive report … Read more

“Rudra I” is set to power supercomputers: the center to bring its server technology to the industry, the world

The government decided to introduce to industry and the world the technology of its original “Rudra I” server, one of the sub-assemblies required for a supercomputer. This major step is aimed at realizing the “true market potential” of Rudra I. The Center for the Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), under the Ministry of Electronics and … Read more

Pink Floyd: Roger Waters shows in Poland canceled

CNN – Brirtish rock legend and Co-founder Pink Floyd Roger Waters’ concerts in Poland in April have been canceled amid a backlash for the musician’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Live Nation Poland, the party’s promoter, confirmed the cancellation on Saturday but did not specify a reason. The cancellation comes after Waters, 79, was … Read more

The Walking Dead Stars Sendoff showcased farewell video: ‘Thank you very much’

Emotional Melissa McBride said in a farewell video before the final episodes of the walking Dead. AMC’s zombie drama returns with The last eight episodes Sunday, October 2, the series concluded on November 20. AMC Networks is launched The Walking Dead: An Encounter with the Generation of the Dead A documentary film showing the recorded … Read more

The LDS author shares the spiritual birth journeys of many who can now bear witness to the truth of Christ in a new book

Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes Everyone goes through difficult times in life. Some go through painful moments when things feel so dark and desperate that they just want to give up. If you’ve ever felt this level of desperation, Latter-day Saint Steven author Anthony Bishop has a message for you. And he wrote in his … Read more

Six of the most misquoted movie lines ever

As a society, we love movies. From jaws to me star Wars, many famous titles will be discussed long after we leave this deadly dossier. Complemented by memorable stories, cinematography and performances, cinema has in many ways overshadowed novel and visual art as the primary means of communicating an idea or telling a good story, … Read more