No. 22 Tennessee Basketball vs. Butler

The 22nd Tennessee basketball team is back in action Wednesday night to open Battle 4 Atlantis after a week off. In his first three games in three days while in the Bahamas, the Vols (2-1) are scheduled to take out Butler (3-1) at 7 p.m. ET.

Ben McKee of GoVols247 will provide live updates and insights throughout the game on The Checkerboard. You can tune in for coverage throughout the night by clicking the link below.

*** LIVE UPDATES: No. 22 Tennessee Basketball vs. Butler ***

This week marks Tennessee’s third participation in Battle 4 Atlantis, as the Vols finished fifth in 2013 and finished third in 2017. The Vols are 4-2 overall in the event.

Tennessee will play three games in the Bahamas this week. After the game against Butler, you will play either USC (3-1) or BYU (3-1) on Thanksgiving Day at 1:30 or 6:30 PM ET. The Vols would then play their third and final game of the week on Friday against an opponent to be determined. Possible opponents are Kansas, Dayton, Wisconsin or NC State.

This is what Rick Barnes Tell the media on Tuesday about Battler vs Battle 4 Atlantis this week.

Barnes’ opening statement:

“We appreciate the opportunity to be here. We know it’s a great field here as always. I think it’s a tournament that the players are really looking forward to being a part of. We’re here and we’re looking forward to three days of basketball practice. Hopefully we can win some basketball games.” .

How to play three games in three days can help transfer like Tyrkey key:

“I think now, too, to play three games here, it looks like we’ve played a game, a week off, we’ve played a game. The fact that you get three games, I think we’ll catch a lot more here, with the fact that it’s going to be back-to-back. With Tyreke coming in, he’s been a great addition to our programme. But it’s new for him. He hadn’t played in a year and a half, before he started here with us. I think every time he gets out it helps him. He’s been a great teammate with our mates. He’s such a versatile player. He needs to play with these guys. Same with Julian Philip. We need to keep making him work there. After Olivier (Nkamehua) came back, we lost him at the end of January last year. So those three guys, again, this should be a great week for all of us, but I think for those guys The three, it could be really helpful in the fact that they can get the actors they need to get.”

If he expected Eros Plavsik To be available for Butler:

“Yeah, he’ll come back. We’re getting ready to work here a little bit. He’s only had one workout since the game in Colorado when he sprained his ankle. But he’ll come back here. He’ll go today.”

On whether he’s eager to see if his team learned its lesson from losing Colorado:

“I think the truth is they know everyone can play because everyone can play. You talk about the transfer portal, there are teams like Thad (when), he’s a great coach. He’s been around for a long time. If you look at his team in particular, they play They’re aggressive. They get their hands on a lot of basketball, and they punch in the gaps. Teams as strong as the ones I’ve coached (against) over the years. In a short time, he’s put together a program, and those guys have proven they can play. Everyone can play. I guess that’s what the old folks here would tell you. They were disappointed that we could let an opportunity slip by. It did. If we don’t learn from it, it’s a shame on us. We have to know we have to be ready to play every night. We’re not good enough. Enough that we can’t come up with the situation that we have to fight for everything we need to get.”

About his experience with Coach Butler Thad when I saw him again in training:

“I know Thad. We’ve coached against each other. Thad is a great coach. He’s (coach) very sound. There’s nothing he’s going to try to do to trick you. He’s going to line up. He’s going to guard you. He’s going to be very sound basically on both sides. Pass the ball. Throw the ball Play upside down.Good balance.Aggressive.They look to attack, and create attack with their defence.I think again that’s the way I would think of his teams.I really think he works for a great ad in Barry Collier.I trained against Barry years ago when he was In Nebraska. I’m not surprised because I know Thad loves the game. You’re far away from him and you have a chance to go back to a place and work with a guy you know so well. I totally get that. There’s no doubt he’s going to do a great job because he’s in a place that believes in him and works with a guy who believes in what he’s trying to do Getting it done, what they want to do there. Being in the Big East now is just going to help him recruit the kind of players he needs to recruit to play at the highest level and compete day and night, which he’s done everywhere he’s been.”

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