Nick Kroll says his kiss with Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling was totally improvised

To quote a lyric, Harry Stiles And the Nick Kroll A kiss in the kitchen is like a dance floor. Or, if not a kitchen, a living room decorated in the middle of the century.

The two actors share a flick of the lips in the director’s opening scene Olivia Wilde excitement do not worry my loveAnd the Who came out today (It’s a kiss They repeated it on the red carpet At the world premiere of the film at the Venice Film Festival).

But Kroll told EW that the moment wasn’t written down or even discussed with Styles before it happened. He laughs: “We just went for it.” It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, on this next take, let’s kiss. She was a catalyst for a moment. She was, frankly, in Venice too. There’s never been a conversation before where she’s been like, “Hey, upside down, let’s kiss in front of the whole world.” But I certainly think my stock rose with my nephews and nephews. And every teenage girl and boy around the world.”

Kroll describes the environment on do not worry my love Keep it playful and loose, fitting for moments as the kiss occurs so organically. This scene, though opening the movie, was shot on the last day of shooting, and it’s a perfect encapsulation of that freedom.

“The opening scene of the movie was the last day of production because of COVID and everything is going on,” Kroll explains. “This scene is really meant to be the culmination of fun, loose ratpack energy. Olivia allows us to play around and improvise. It just happened so naturally. Then they used it in the movie.”

do not worry my love Follows Jack (Stiles) and Alice, who are happily married.Florence Boge), whose ideal life is at a standstill straight from mad men She is interrupted when Alice begins to wonder if everything is really as it seems. Kroll takes on a supporting role as Dean, Jack’s neighbor and co-worker, and husband of Wilds Bunny.

We called in Kroll not just for a tip on his smooching techniques, but to talk about why he’s keen on doing more drama, and the surreal nature of the Venice premiere.

do not worry my love

do not worry my love

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Entertainment Weekly: So, you and Harry, the engagement announcement is coming up what day now?

Nick Kroll: [Laughs] Ironically, Harry was the first person to find out I was engaged. Because while we were filming, my wife and I got engaged. And I was talking to the actors, like, “How do I do that?” And I had this long conversation about what to do, and then I proposed the next day. Harry came across a text message saying to me, “Has that happened yet?” I said yes, she said yes. And the and then Our parents told us, literally, that he was an active part of my marriage. We’ll see what happens from here.

All of your co-stars except Harry are fairly experienced actors. Tell me more about this working relationship.

You’d never know he didn’t do a lot of acting. He is a performer by heart. It was such a stacked representatives. Starting with Florence, she’s an accomplished actress at such a young age, so she’s in control of your instrument. Chris Pine Usually he does not play the role of a villain. It’s very scary and good in the movie, and Gemma Chan He plays his wife a little creepy but elegant.

I play opposite Olivia who directed the movie. I play her husband. It is a huge compliment for me to be cast as the husband in front of the director in the film. Watching her navigate both directing and acting was very touching. Everyone across the board is very good at what they do. You’d never know Harry was in two movies. When you’re a talented and smart person, it’s no surprise that he’s really good at acting.

Speaking of playing Olivia’s husband, how did that work for her to do double duty? Did you have more to make sure she could get in and out of this off-screen role?

She was very helpful about how things were going. She wanted people to provide input from all areas, representatives, and all of her department heads. She wanted to work collaboratively. But I also knew she was going to be busy dealing with a lot of things. I took it as a vote of confidence that she was like, “Okay, you play my husband, we’ll just be in the scene. I don’t think I have to worry too much about you.” She felt like, “You know what you’re doing – that’s why you’re here. Go do it. If you need something different, I’ll tell you.” To her credit, when she’s on the scene, she is in the scene. Then when they call the Cut, you’re like, “Oh, right. You also direct everything that’s going on.” This is a very difficult thing. And she never made me feel like she wasn’t on the scene with me when she was acting.

Does that mean you can shed a little weight, like: Hey guys, I’m the director’s imaginary husband?

I always try to lose weight. If anyone knows anything about me and shows business, I love a lot of power games. I love to play with people. It’s definitely how I got to where I am. No, the truth is, it was a lot of fun. He was also in the case of COVID deaths prior to the vaccine. It was a very strange time to make a movie. The movie is creepy, and it’s a thriller. Below, this movie’s glossy exterior is an even darker story. While we’ve been filming all these bright, fun, and hilarious scenes, we’ve also been in the midst of a pandemic in Los Angeles. I think some of that anxiety and fear of COVID is somehow contained within this movie. Although it is not directly so.

You play this businessman who is a bit of an idiot. How did it feel to inhabit that space, from the clothes to the architecture – do you shop at mad men Reboot now?

I’m still waiting for Jon Hamm to sign me. as a fan of mad men And the era, it’s nice to look at. We shot at Kaufman HouseIt is one of the first pieces of mid-century modern architecture. I don’t think a movie has been filmed there before. It’s the scene where Chris Pine gives his big speech at his house and Gemma Chan’s house. Pine wears this beautiful mid-century attire, and you look at this symbol of mid-century modern architecture beneath the extremely rugged Palm Springs mountains as the sun sets. The colors are incredible. It was the juxtaposition of these sleek, ultra-modern lines and these beautiful rocky mountains – everything about them was so aesthetically pleasing. Beneath it, though, is this really creepy belly that’s always just below the surface. This push and pull was really fun to be in.

With this push and pull, did the cast know the full story? Or did Olivia split things up between the actors? Who knows what and when?

We were all on the same page. Olivia works in a way that she trusts the people who work on this movie [enough] To give them as much information as it is: Let them help me figure out the best way to do it. I’m not saying any of us were directing the movie, but I really like the feeling: I want to trust that if you give people information, it will help them build the world. There were no secrets for those who knew how this world worked.

Chris Pine does something a little different playing this bad guy, and you do something a little different while making a thriller. Did you both come up with a new card? What was it like playing on each other in this new space for both of you?

It was fun. When people do things they don’t always do, it’s new and exciting. Olivia filled the movie with Asif [Ali] And Kate Berlant and I, they are all comedies. Then you have Harry, who hasn’t done a lot of movie acting, and Chris playing a different kind of character. Olivia wanted everyone to play things that were within their range that she knew they could do, but that’s not always what people expect. This means that everyone is excited to be out there and do something they can’t always do.

The film premiered in Venice, where it produced very interesting social content. How was the experience?

This particular year, whether it was real or not, it felt like the world was watching. You’re, like, watching Timothée Chalamet Wearing a backless shirt he walks the red carpet. And everyone seems to know that for a reason. Then it’s like, well, I guess I’m going straight to that. I’m in a place where I can’t believe I’m going to do this and be a part of this thing that I’m so excited about, but honestly, I’m all so happy. I put on a fancy electric blue tuxedo and get my picture taken in front of the whole world and then get kissed by Harry Styles. It is a complete journey.

When you’re a little kid and you’re thinking, what does it mean to be in the movies, it’s a version of going to the Venice Film Festival, riding a water taxi, attending a fancy party, dressing up in fun clothes, and watching and meeting people. I met Steve Buscemi at this festival and became friends with him. And I was like, I can’t believe I’m at the Venice Film Festival dealing with him Steve Buscemi And the Martin McDonagh And the Phoebe Waller Bridgeand all these people whose work I respect for a long time.

As much as we all love and laugh, do you want more dramas?

Yes, of course. I’ve made some movies not like this. Weirdly, I played a lot of 60’s characters – in Loving And the Conclusion process. I’ve never been in a thriller before. This is what I feel so lucky to have in my career that I take on all kinds of different roles and all kinds of different media. The fact that this movie is coming out on the 23rd, and my own time, Little Big Boy Out Netflix Four days later. And she’s a lot more personal, and more vulnerable than anything she’s done on stage before. It’s not about being a douche or playing a character. It’s my experience and I a lot as my life changed from having a Peter Pan complex to getting married and having a baby. It’s very different from what even people who are a fan of comedy have seen. The juxtaposition of these two projects at the same time is really interesting, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to do these incredibly different types of equally satisfying projects in their own way.

Was there something that was key to you in terms of figuring out how to get to that line between the superficial level of the beauty of this world and the feeling of something unsettling beneath it?

When Olivia talked to me about it, my character’s name is Dean. She says, “I want him to have a ratback vibe and feel on the surface, like Dean Martin. You’re the guy who keeps the party going. Everyone has fun with Dean. And I want you to have that camaraderie with guys and have that fun vibe.” That was really helpful. But then, you basically belong to a religious sect. And that was true when all the stories of the NXIVM sect came out. It was a perfect time to be filled with such submission to this greater and more sinister belly in what seemed like a utopia. It was very interesting for me and Olivia to play – below the surface – the cuckoos.

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