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I was the kid who got into trouble for her mouth, with all its speed and intensity. I had opinions, liked to say “that’s not fair” and didn’t hold back on the challenge, even if it was from someone older than me. Even if I knew I would be punished for it. Think of me then. serious for her age. I always felt responsible for doing the right thing. And sometimes, it just didn’t work out, and I was taking learning from my mistake very seriously. I always wanted to do my part.

I was young, had knots, and felt like a child of the family, I needed to be taken seriously. But I was also very hard-hearted, and had good intentions (even if things didn’t go well). And the gift of it all is that my mother, my grandmother and my teachers let me be this girl. What a huge gift. 🥹

Me and my mom on my third birthday. Not sure why I had a stand. Peep heart shaped cake. Oh, and don’t hate on the zebra costume. I killed the other kids effortlessly.

Mama Fallen and Luvfi

My grandmother interrupted me during her 60th birthday party and she listened attentively

I wrote professional naughty (2021), because it’s the book I need today, when I want to know I’m never much. I wrote Rising rioters (2022) Because it’s the book I needed at age 17, when I thought my worth was based on my grades.

Now I’m obsessed with advertising A little troublemaker makes a message (falls on May 2, 2023)My children’s first picture book! This book is for Little Luvvie and was the book I needed when I was a little girl.

Really, who are the world’s biggest and most cold-blooded troublemakers? Children. These friends are a little too close and their decisions will sometimes slide off the wall. They are funny.

A little troublemaker makes a message The movie is about a young girl named Luvvie, who loves her mother, loves her sister, and loves to do nice things for others. But executed? Well, let’s say it needs a little work.

The Little Naughty Book by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

I was her. I am her. She might be. Maybe you’re raising your own little naughty maker. You know that kid, a little rebel with a reason, with a strong side eye, a giant smile, and a kind soul. They are confident (sometimes out of fault. HA!) and believe they can do everything, even when they can’t do anything.

The book asks, “What happens when a big heart gets you into big trouble?” To bring Little Luvvie to life, I partnered with a great painter, Joey SpotoWho understood the task! He brought this story to life, beautifully, and with brightness and boldness throughout the book. It gives energy and childhood joy!

I wrote this book for the little vandals we know. The children who came to this land are fully formed and need only guidance. Children who make us want to be better because we have to raise them well. Kids who don’t always do it right, but they want to. People to tell “You might make a mistake but you’re always loved.” Big feelings, big personality, small package.

Little Luvvie is ambiance through and through. She’s this cute, brown-skinned girl with short hair (and a clean ass fade). We didn’t make the adult Luvvie any smaller. Adult Luvvie is really just Little Luvvie taller, because I’ve always been that person.

Also, my love for fedoras, gold chains, and red lips is deep. Be that girl! See the guide:

Little Luvvie Purple Dress

Honestly, this is a dream come true. Like bullying’s straight tears because I’ve wanted a children’s book for a long time. It has become quite clear that now is the time when my long-time colleague has been Missy Robson Gifted me with an illustration of Little Luvvie last year, by Joey. People were like we need this!!! At one point, I thought I’d call it “The Adventures of Awesomely Luvvie.” And then when I started writing about troublemakers, it was right that I did one for the kids.

Thanks to Joey for creating my vision! And thank you to the wonderful team at Penguin Random House (Philomel Books)! My great editor Jill Santopolo Stand up for this book and really show that this is a story worth publishing. And of course thanks to my anesthetic agent, Kristen Kane BentonMy partner is in words on paper.

I’m so excited to have Little Troublemaker make a mess of the world. My fourth book and currently the baby that makes me so excited. It just melts my heart.

So, yeah! Stirring up trouble is something the whole family can do right now—professional, rookie, or junior. We all deserve to show our whole selves at every stage of our lives.

Little naughty FB Banner

It is ideal for children aged 4-8 years. Get it for your nieces, nephews, brothers, nieces, nephews, Godkids, all of it! I’m sure your little troublemaker will love it. Be prepared to read this little guy every night – sorry in advance! 😭

Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess officially drops on May 2, 2023, but you can pre-order it now!

In fact, take care of it now everywhere books are sold!

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questions and answers

When is this book released?

Little Troublemaker will be released on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

What are the appropriate ages for this book?

The perfect place for this age from 4 to 8 years old.

Where can I buy this book?

Books are sold anywhere. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, your favorite independent bookstore!

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