National experts select Utah, BYU, and USU games

Just like last week when Utah traveled to UCLA, number 20 Utes found himself playing a crucial Pac-12 race game when they host seventh place at USC on Saturday.

Utah is hoping for a different outcome this time – the Bruins knocked out Utes 42-32 last week.

Now, No. 7 USC is coming to town with the 20th-ranked Utah’s hopes of repeating as the Pac-12 champion — and earning a spot in the New Year’s Six game — hanging in the balance.

What do national experts expect for the game? How about a BYU match against Arkansas, and a Utah state competition in Colorado?

Here’s a look at how out-of-state people see these games in action.

What National Experts Expect to Get 7 USC at No. 20 in Utah in Week 7


ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Utes loves to bounce back with a win.

“We are in a formidable position against USC,” Van Pelt wrote. “Lincoln Riley and the Trojans have pulled off a real fast turn and have ‘SC in the top ten. This is the toughest road test in the Trojans, by far, this season. Rice Eccles at night is a scary place for road teams.’”

The game is listed as ESPN’s Seth Winder One of the key games in Week 7 of the College Football Playoffسباقmainly due to the possibility of the undefeated Trojans going into the playoffs, although he doesn’t rule out Utah from the race, even after two losses.

Utah itself is not completely Out of the race here, despite two losses on his resume already. “If UTIS wins, they will take 10% in the playoff as a two-time losing champion,” wrote Winder.

USA Today

Six USA Today experts have been selected Who do they think would win the top 25 games, and there’s no consensus on Utah-USC’s game, although it’s clear—many like Utah’s win in Salt Lake City.

  • Scooby Axon: Utah.
  • Jess Evans: USC
  • Paul Meyerberg: Utah
  • Eric Smith: Utah
  • Eddie Temanos: Utah
  • Dan Walken: USC

Meyerberg called Utah hit his USC Bold prediction for the week.

Utah stomps in Southern California to create a real stalemate at the top of the Pac 12. USC remained undefeated during start of conference play, but could still be on a long night in Salt Lake City as the Utes try to advance from the start 4- 2 and the New Year’s Six Worker.”

“Utah was great at defending the pass before last week’s disappointment against UCLA, while Caleb Williams and the Trojans either got injured or missed in the air for the better part of a month. Look to Utes to create a running game and drain a USC defense that has faced over 62 games in a game at once. Only one this season.

Athlon Sports

Three sports experts from Athlone They are not unanimous on who will win between Utah and the University of Southern California.

  • Stephen Lassan: USC
  • Mark Ross: USC
  • Ben Weinrib: Utah

college football news

CFN’s Pete Futak thinks Utah has what it takes to slow down the USC enough to win the win.

“USC is going to be great. The offense will come with its share of big plays, (Caleb) Williams will be great, and there will be times when it all works out. And then it will be undone by a running defense that will move in at the crucial moments,” Futake wrote.

“Neither team is going to get the turnarounds they hope for and are counting on. You’ll be in control, and the team that is the best in the Pac-12 at the time of possession will have it.”

“Ute’s attack will often keep (Williams) and his amazing weapons on the sidelines.”

  • Predict Utah 30, USC 27

sports news

Sports news Bill Bender It calls for a tight game, with the Trojans remaining undefeated.

“It’s been an equal streak in the College Football Playoff era, with each team winning four games. It’s a desperate place for Oates at home, but if they ever get into trouble in team play against UCLA, what are they going to do here?” Bender wrote.

“…Lincoln Riley makes a statement with his first win over the 12th seeded PAC on the road.”

  • prediction: USC 31, Utah 28

Ovarian Report

Expected Max Escarpio of Bleacher Report It will be a high score game, with trojans escaping with road wins.

“Utah has the potential to make this a scoring proposition, and I hope it pays off. Utes score just over 40 points over the course of a year, and the Trojans are rarely a team that sleeps on the offensive end,” wrote Escarpio.

“Dynamic safety duo of RJ Hubert and Cole Bishop highlight Utah defense, quarterback Eric Gentry keeps it up for USC.”

  • Prediction: USC 37, Utah 31

What Arkansas National Experts Expect at BYU in Week Seven

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CFN’s Futake House Gives the advantage of BYU.

“Arkansas is the better team with better talent, but the BYU lines, running defense, and (Garen) Hall will be more visible and effective than they were last week,” Futak wrote.

“It’s going to be close all the time, but BYU is going to take over the fourth quarter with a third turn down after a third turn down to grind out the last impulse to win.”

  • Prediction: BYU 26, Arkansas 24

Athlon Sports

The three-man Athlon Sports board favors the Razorbacks.

  • Stephen Lassan: Arkansas
  • Mark Ross: BYU
  • Ben Weinrib: Arkansas

What national experts expect for Utah in Colorado in Week 7

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CFN’s Pete Futak sees Utah builds two-game winning streak.

“In a horrific year for the Western Mountains, almost every game can be won. The loser’s hopes have been dashed, and he will be the winner of a two-game winning streak with some real real momentum,” Vyutak wrote.

“Both teams are going to turn it around a lot, and no defense is going to be special. It wouldn’t be pretty, but Utah State would take it — the passing game would be a little bit better than anything the Rams could do.”

  • Prediction: Utah 30, Colorado 17

Athlon Sports

The three Athlon Sports experts give Utah the advantage, although it’s not unanimous.

  • Stephen Lassan: Utah
  • Mark Ross: Colorado State
  • Ben Weinrib: Utah

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