MLB The Show adds the leading black baseball team from 1934 to its roster

“The team has been in the news in recent years, to a large extent about their failed attempts For entry into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, “Hive CCO Simon Creet tells Muse.” In the town of Chatham, everyone knows the story of all the stars of color, but their impressive achievements are largely unknown in the rest of Ontario. We couldn’t think of a better way to benefit from OLG’s partnership with MLB than by helping this team’s story spread and live. “

With this mission in mind, the agency searched for physical and online sources of images, statistics, and artifacts that would help them create their avatars. Once they gather enough data on how the All-Stars swing their bats and enter and manage the rules, Hive has built numbered individuals that players can download, customize, and play in franchise mode.

“We wanted to keep this team’s memory alive in a fresh new way that people have never seen before, even those who were closest to the team and remember it well,” says Mike Albrecht, ACD Agency. “We felt the weight of this team’s importance to the community and their family members. It added an extra layer of focus to make sure we were doing it right. We felt there was a lot at stake. We wanted to make sure we were telling a historical story in the right way.”

He adds, “The first time we saw 1934’s Colored Chatham All-Stars take to the field at MLB The Show 22, we all got goosebumps.”

On September 24, the Descendants of the All-Stars played a charity game at Fergie Jenkins Field in Chatham, and OLG donated $25,000 to support the historical association.

Last month, Amazon’s Prime Video rekindled interest in women’s baseball from the 1940s — and made an empowering statement on behalf of all female athletes — by multi-faceted promotion Promotes her series A League of Their Own.


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