LIV Golf has revealed the team’s $50 million tournament. Here’s how it works

4 aces dominated the LIV schedule for junior golf in 2022.

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Team golf as we know it will turn on its side next month when LIV Golf hosts its first tag team tournament in Miami at the Trump National Doral. The Junior League announced the format for its final event in 2022 on Tuesday, which will include pre-match, singles matches, play-offs and alternate shots. Even teams that choose their opponents.

LIV Golf begins its controversial campaign With all kinds of uncertainty in June And he has advanced over the summer to this present moment, when $50 million will be spent in one weekend. With 12 teams competing through seven events (two of them in the next three weeks), you’ll provide the cumulative team points earned for four teams in the first round. Dustin Johnson’s 4 Aces, who has won four LIV events, already guarantees you a goodbye. They collected 136 points, nearly double the points of second place.

Teams seeded 5-12 will face off in quarterfinal matches on Friday, October 28, with all 32 players participating in different formats. Maintaining their reputation as being different, the competition will allow the higher ranked teams to choose their opponents for these matches rather than simply having the fifth seeded team automatically compete with the 12th seed. Team leaders – like Phil Mickelson, Joaquin Neiman, etc. – will play singles matches for one point. They will also decide which two members of their team will play together in an alternate match, and which other player on their team will also play a singles match.

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Quarter-finals and semi-final rounds of the Tag Team Championship:

– Singles match captains

– Additional singles match

– Alternate shot match

The standings for those individual matches has yet to be determined, but the final for each match is fixed: there will be no tie or half-point win. Each match will be played until one player/team wins or loses. Any team that wins at least two of those three matches advances to the semi-finals.

The semi-finals will be played in the same way as the quarter-finals, only now the top four teams of the regular season points race will be included, and their opponents select. While the semi-finals feature only four teams, this will include eight teams in four matches on Saturday, October 29.

Finally, Sunday October 30 will see the final round of the four-team stroke match. In classic LIV style, he’ll start with a shotgun through eight holes. The remaining four teams (or rather 16 players) will play in two 18-hole groups, with each shot counting from their team’s points. If Pat Perez makes a triple bogey, the 4 Aces will add a triple bogey to their collective score as well.

This last piece is what deviates significantly from the team events LIV has produced so far. So far, during the first two rounds of each event, only two out of four points have been awarded to any team. Dustin Johnson and Talor Gooch, for example, combined 11 under team points for 4 aces in LIV Golf Chicago Event, although Patrick Reed and Pat Perez shot in equal measure. Only during his final round Third The score was added to the team’s totals, resulting in more fluctuations in the team leaderboard. But during the last important round at LIV Golf Miami, all scores will be counted. Whichever team collects the lowest score will be crowned champions. For LIV Golf fans, this will be exactly what they crave.

As previously mentioned, $50 million will be offered in the team tournament, an unprecedented cash prize that has never been seen before in professional golf. But the money in the game has been a major point of contention for LIV Golf critics. Many were guaranteed to those who defected from the PGA Tour, the vast majority of which came from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, which has been interested in the sport for a long time but only recently made its way to golf. As much as possible. The team that wins the event in Miami will split $16 million equally, with $10 million going to second place and $8 million to third. Each LIV team will receive at least $1 million for participation.

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Given that the event takes place just weeks after the end of the regular LIV season, with $25 million also on display in Jeddah, as well as $30 million being distributed to the top three individual players over the course of the season, it looks like the best performers will gather on the LIV schedule. For the eight 2022 events anywhere from $10 million to any total Dustin Johnson gets. Regarded as the single best performer in what was clearly the first team, Johnson could rack up more than $30 million in earnings on the course, which comes in addition to the reported $125 million he earned by signing with LIV in May.

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