LG Magnet 136-inch Compact LED Monitor Boosts AI

LG Electronics USA Unveil it LG MAGNIT 4K Residential 136 inch Small LED Display (LSAD Series), presenting integrators and users a new kind of home cinema, digital art and entertainment experience. Complete with LG’s webOS smart TV platform, popular streaming applications, screen sharing and AI-enhanced processing, the new Micro LED Extreme Home Cinema display is being shown for the first time at CEDIA Expo 2022 (booth 14041).

According to Michael Kosla, Vice President of LG Electronics USA, the 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K Monitor contains many high-end features that provide premium home viewing for any type of content in any room environment.

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With its groundbreaking performance, the 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K Monitor is a luxury residential screen that delivers viewers the advanced color, clarity, and contrast of LG Micro LEDs combined with Alpha 9 AI-enhanced processing designed to project movies, TV shows, or pieces of digital art on screen. optimally,” Kosla said. “Today’s premium homeowners expect an increasingly high level of technology, and the 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K delivers stunning images and an atmosphere of exclusivity that cannot be replicated in retail.”

The 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K offers a host of special features including the company’s proprietary α (Alpha) 9 AI processor that uses deep learning technology to reduce image noise and improve saturation and contrast based on room conditions. It’s also designed to improve clarity and clarity of faces and texts, while an ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and sets color tone to maintain an optimal appearance in different lighting conditions.

To help homeowners make the most of their stunning visuals, the company has included screen sharing capabilities through AirPlay 2 and Miracast protocols that allow content to be streamed from any iOS, Android, macOS or Windows 10 device wirelessly to a 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K.

The 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K also offers a dedicated mobile app** that will allow users to upload digital art directly to the screen. The collage feature in the app will allow owners to display a wall full of their personal photos that can be resized and modified as desired.

The 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K monitor is ideal for home environments ranging from home theaters to media rooms to living rooms, with a brightness of up to 2,000 nits helping to provide excellent performance and clarity even in rooms with high ambient light.

Micro LED is a relatively new technology for residential displays, providing great performance with exceptional brightness, long life, amazing viewing angles and excellent color gamut even in rooms with lots of windows and high ambient light. Notably, the 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K is distinctly different from LED TVs, which are simply LCD TVs with LED backlights to enhance brightness. With Micro LED, images are created directly by millions of individual diodes that can completely turn off when black is presented. This allows displays to deliver amazing contrast and color.

The 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K monitors offer connectivity including four HDMI ports, LAN input, digital output, USB input and RS232C port. The screen’s 120Hz frame rate ensures smooth playback of fast-moving visuals such as sports or action content.

The 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K is LG’s latest luxury Micro LED screen solution designed specifically for residential installations, following the 2021 introduction of its DVLED Extreme Home Cinema line featuring multiple models and sizes including a 325-inch 8K giant screen.

The new LG Micro LED Display is a premium product available in the United States exclusively through LG authorized distribution partners. With premium looks and high performance to be expected at this level, LG teamed up with Danish audio legend Bang & Olufsen to assemble the Beolab 90 home amplifier as the audio system of choice for the 136-inch LG MAGNIT 4K monitor when sold through Bang & Olufsen. Olufsen Stores.

“When paired with the Beolab 90, LG MAGNIT delivers one of the most amazing home cinema experiences ever,” said Kosla.

The monitor can also be paired with Bang & Olufsen’s wider range of home theater speakers including the Beolab 50 and 28 models.

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