Landeskog is unlikely to start the season on time for the avalanche

Today was the first day of Colorado Avalanche training camp, which means one thing… Hockey is back! We mostly started with the veterans in the first group. However, there were a few absences due to various reasons. Coach Jared Bednar later stated that Gabriel Landskog deals with a lower body injury And that he might be lucky to see any pre-season action this year – and the regular season is unlikely to start on time.

This was probably the biggest and most unfortunate news of a day when there were so many smiles about Family Sports Center, and why not? This is the Stanley Cup Defending Championship team now. Among the other men who were not here on opening day:

Josh Manson, his wife is having a baby. Could be back as soon as tomorrow. Val Nikoskin He’s scheduled to ski solo tomorrow Darren Helm He did today in a contactless jacket.

There is some extra pressure on Alex Newhawk This season he is fighting for his role in the team. He let it out today because he was physically in the corners and skating hard on the disc the whole time. His main competitor in Evan Rodriguezwas on the same line, even coach Bednar said, “I loved him so much today and he would be a great addition.”

Landeskog may have a problem with the same knee he underwent late last season, but that has not been confirmed. Remember, Landeskog rarely trained in qualifying, and most likely it had something to do with that knee. However, Landeskog has played superbly in the post-season, which is why he and his other Avalanche teammates will be wearing new diamond-encrusted balls soon. Landeskog didn’t seem to be bothered by anything when he met the media on Wednesday.

Rodrigues and Newhook were both on the same line, with Newhook as the center. In the earlier days, Rodriguez has shown that he can keep up with Nathan McKinnon and that some chemistry is really starting to form. Newhawk said he has “maintained the same mentality in his training and believes he is mentally prepared” to take on the second line position.

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Nathan McKinnon He was showing his usual glow with the puck and on the skates. McKinnon has been in town for a couple of weeks already skiing with a lot of the team, but this was his first official skiing. There were so many plays that he was physically big and pushed the cannons away from him in the open ice.

In some of the workouts the trainers were focusing on body contact and it seemed like McKinnon was having some fun pushing people. They certainly didn’t waste their time getting players back into shape for the season at all. When asked if he feels there is less pressure on him and the team this year, “I don’t know. I don’t think. We’re just focused on what’s going on in this room. I don’t know what pressure we were getting or not. We can’t control what Everyone says it. We just want to win another cup, that’s our goal.”

The second group consisted mostly of Colorado Eagles players, so the exercises were more to test their skill set. Charles HaddonPednar, who signed with the Colorado Avalanche organization over the summer, said coach Bednar is an outstanding player. It plays a very similar game to Logan O’Connor, with plenty of checks and checks on the opposing team. He showed up in some practice today where he was physically in the corners trying a lot to get his place in the team. He will likely be one of the top six forwards in Loveland and could be called up to Denver when needed.

Inclusive. It was a hectic day for gamers and media alike. Today was the first time any members of the media were allowed into the locker room to meet players since March 2020. This means that we will be able to provide more diverse coverage of your favorite team! I’d be able to talk to a variety of guys instead of just one or two sitting in front of me. This is going to be an exciting season for you and me. I look forward to covering the best team in the NHL for all of you!!

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