Lakers vs Suns final result: Patrick Beverly fired for fighting in defeat

The Lakers Located in The Suns, 115-105, after another phenomenal performance by Devin Booker. He had 25 points The night before he was fumbled with just over a minute left, but the Suns didn’t need that last minute of him to extend their winning streak over the Lakers to eight games.

with Eliminated LeBron JamesDarvin Hamm chose to go with the same starting five that had won his last three games. With Phoenix having a home run and the second best record in the West, many thought this would be an easy win for the Suns. In the first quarter, the Lakers silenced that noise. They were trailing by only four after one, as Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and Lonnie Walker IV played well in the quarter. The rebound fight was tied at 14, and if it wasn’t for a hot Booker in the middle of the frame and two Mickal Bridges runs, the Lakers might have pulled ahead.

But they didn’t do that, and they found themselves in familiar territory, as they entered the second district. Will they play like they did during the three-game winning streak, or will they be forgotten now that they’ve played a winning team? was more than before. The unit consisting mostly of the bench kept Gabriel, Westbrook, Walker, Thomas Bryant and Austin Reaves, while Anthony Davis got a much needed rest. AD came back at the 5:08 mark and continued to produce, scoring 7 point per quarter. He got freaked out when his left arm/wrist hit Devin Booker, but after a while, he came back and looked fine.

Do you know who was more than okay? Lonnie Walker IV and Russell Westbrook. Walker dunked the basketball, finished a layup near the rim, and had 6 points on six shots in the half. rus Sixth Man Campaign He was alive and well in the first half, producing 7 points and 3 assists in 14 minutes. Thanks to this team effort, the Lakers finished the quarter on an 18-6 lead and took a 55-53 halftime lead.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, as was typical for them, the third quarter started out rough. Phoenix came on a 10-2 run led by Booker, who was too much for Reeves or any Laker to cover.

With Davis still noticeably troubled by his left arm injury, the rest of the team struggled to score. It wasn’t until halfway through the third when Walker started to heat up again, and the aggressive AD continued to hit the line and finish strong in the paint. Down by as many as ten in the third, the Lakers bounced back. However, the NBA is a game the Suns run, and they finished solidly in third place. Phoenix took the quarter and entered fourth with a score of 86-79.

In the final quarter, the Lakers were unable to close the gap. Phoenix extended their lead by as much as 12 points, and thanks to the Lakers’ credit, they never lapsed. They got close to six midway through the period, but the most impactful thing that happened in the quarter was Patrick Beverley’s ejection (and perhaps his looming suspension). He checked Deandre Ayton, who received a technical for his taunt at Austin Reaves, who was hard-fouled by Devin Booker, who also received a hard-foul in that exchange. The seats weren’t clear, but there was a lot of shoving and shoving from players on either side. This wasn’t the first time – and it probably won’t be the last – that Phoenix has been or will be involved in such a situation during the season.

The screaming calls helped keep the Lakers in the game a few minutes longer, but only delayed the inevitable. Despite another exceptional game by Anthony Davis, the Lakers could not beat Phoenix again.

key takeaway

Anthony Davis is good at basketball. He flirts with career numbers in points and rebounds, finally displaying the grit and availability the Lakers have so desperately needed these past two seasons. He won’t play all 82 games like he dreamed of when the season started, but he’s played 15 out of 16 and it’s hard to imagine asking more of him. Not much has been positive for the Lakers this season, but AD has been a player of the franchise.

Next up is the Lakers’ back-to-back game against the Spurs, starting on Friday. The injury report will be something all Lakers Nation should monitor, as Hopefully LeBron James can come back And we get confirmation that Anthony Davis’ injury today is not a major one.

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