Kim Mulkey’s silence on Britney Greiner is petty, pathetic and gross

It doesn’t take guts to back Britney Greiner, just an iota of human decency. Griner’s former coach, Kim Mulkey, didn’t bother removing the lower bars. Mulke, who coached Greiner at Baylor from 2009-2013, has been one of the few who knows Greiner personally and still chooses to remain silent since her arrest in Russia last February for possession of less than one gram of cannabis oil.

USA Today’s Corey Diaz asked Mulke, who is now at LSU, to talk about Greiner’s arrest and dropped any suggestion that she would even enjoy discussing the issue.

Diaz: “I just wanted to get your thoughts on Britney Grenier’s situation. I don’t think I saw anything from you in that…”
Mulki: “You won’t.”

To be perfectly clear: Greiner is corrupt. Nobody says she did nothing Wrong, but the circumstances of her arrest show that she made a mistake. Greiner was prescribed medical cannabis in Arizona, where it was legal, traveled to Russia to play, and had vaporizer cartridges in her luggage. It contained less than one gram of cannabis oil. There is no intent to distribute, no evidence that she was actively attempting to “smuggle” the drug into Russia, and even the most harsh reading of her crime suggests that she was trying to continue to use cannabis while in Russia.

This mistake occurred at the worst possible time, one week before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has turned Greiner into a political pawn, an opportunity for the Russian government to punish a prominent Western man while being punished by the majority of the world for waging war under flimsy pretexts. While Russia has a history of strict drug laws on paper, it is routinely bent on meeting political needs. In 2019, an Israeli passenger was caught backpacking as he entered same The airport where Grenier was arrested, also had cannabis oil, but he had 10 grams, more than 10 times the amount that Griner has. The man was released a few months later, and allowed to go home.

Meanwhile, Greiner pleaded guilty as forced by Russia’s corrupt legal system to do so, and she was sentenced to nine years in prison for drug trafficking. It was a ridiculous sentence given that the small amount in his possession was not enough to handle or handle, and all evidence indicates that cannabis oil is for personal use.

It’s crucial to understand the influencing factors when it comes to Griner’s arrest, as it is the crux of why Mulkey says nothing is disgusting. This isn’t a completely unrelated question to ask, it’s not just my chance of Mulki’s job as a basketball coach — she knows firsthand, has coached, and has worked with Griner for four years. The duo was pivotal in winning the championship in 2011-12, leading Baylor to a record 40-0, and earning the Mulkey AP Coach of the Year.

All this history, and Mulki has nothing to say. No words of encouragement. No previous player support. There is no basic sympathy for Greiner who was imprisoned in a Russian prison and set an example because of her nationality. nothing.

This is the woman charged with nurturing and shaping LSU’s young players. This is the kind of person who flirts with parents and asks for their trust in sending their young athletes to play with her. Kim Mulkey will use your children to achieve her goals, just don’t ask her to support or support them when they are gone.

In many ways, this is not surprising. Griner and Mulkey have had a somewhat icy relationship since their time together in Baylor. After being drafted #1 overall, Griner made it clear that Mulkey didn’t want players to openly discuss their sexuality..

“It was a recruiting order. The coaches thought that if they seemed to be turning a blind eye, people wouldn’t let their kids come over to play with Baylor.”

The profile on Griner for ESPN, which contained a clip about Mulkey wanting players to hide their sexuality, caused a headache for the coach. Kate Fagan who wrote the report, She alleges in 2021 that Mulki contacted her bosses at ESPN and demanded that she be fired over the report. When Mulki joined LSU, she again had to answer questions about her “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to sex in her locker room.

Regardless, it was a professional inconvenience of Mulke’s doing. If she holds a grudge against the Griner for making it public, that’s her prerogative – but if this The reason she refuses to say anything about Greiner’s arrest is a disgusting level of pettiness.

Certainly, nothing will actually be achieved by Mulki’s talk of Grenier’s arrest. It’s not as if the Russian government is eagerly waiting to hear from Kim Molkie on the issue – but that’s not the point. It’s about a lump of support, the words that can reach Griner in prison, the knowledge that those close to her still back her, and their willingness to continue to persevere in a hateful situation.

Her former teammates at Greiner, and everyone in the basketball astronomy have supported her since day one. Queen Igbo, who played at Baylor from 2018 to 22, has been highly critical of her former coach.

Chloe Jackson, who also played with Mulkey at Baylor, joined in the condemnation of her former coach.

Perhaps the most obvious comparison is how current Baylor coach, Nikki Cullen, spoke about Greiner. She spent nearly five minutes talking about Greiner’s impact on Baylor basketball, women’s basketball as a whole, and the circumstances behind her arrest. Colin never worked directly with Griner, only trained against her, and had no overt personal connection to Griner—yet she spoke volumes, while Mulkey couldn’t even bother presenting the situation at the time of day.

Let this be a cautionary tale for everyone at LSU, every player considering attending LSU — and every parent considering sending their kids to LSU. When it comes to Kim Mulkey, your value extends only to how much she can benefit from her, and what you can do for her. Don’t expect the coach to back you up, or be bothered saying so anything Unless it directly benefits her. In both actions and words, Kim Mulkey isn’t willing to do the bare minimum – and that says it all.

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