Joel Farabi makes a notable move; Releases that put Kevin Connaughton on ‘tough’ concessions

Voorhees, NJ – With the home nine back in the playoffs on Friday, Joel Farabi donned his red cap after training.

Keep in mind that it is its permissible cover for contact.

The Flyers winger has taken an important step on his way to a possible return to the Flyers regular inaugural season. Obtained consent to participate in a full contact manner for the practice.

Farabi recovering from Cervical disc replacement surgery he underwent on June 24. He trained throughout bootcamp as a non-contact participant, but gradually began to try things out physically.

Farabi said, “A couple of times the men would say, ‘Can I hit you? Can I hit you?'” “I was just like, ‘Yeah, go for that. “…But I think just doing the fights and stuff in the first two days of camp definitely helped, just stick strength and all that kind of stuff definitely helps.”

He had no ice restrictions on Friday for the first time since his procedure. Justin Brown’s defensive style was a powerful test.

“Today I felt really good, I was shocked a few times, Brawner grabbed me a few times,” Farabi said. “So there are no problems and it feels good.

“I’m just trying to prepare for the first match.”

The 22-year-old’s status has yet to be determined in the Flyers’ opening game on October 13 against the Devils at Wells Fargo Center. His three- to four-month recovery schedule had him expecting to miss most of camp and possibly the start of the regular season.

“I hope so,” Farabi said of the season opener. “I don’t want to say, I can’t confirm anything now.” “Obviously I have to talk to the guys here. We have a few more days before the first game, but I really hope so.”

Pilots will be careful here. But what Farabi was able to do in the camp was promising for them.

“When I first had the surgery, I didn’t think I’d be in camp at all,” Farabi said. “So being able to do all the skating at camp and do some practice was definitely a good thing for me.”

John Tortorella liked what he saw from Farabee.

“I think he trained really well,” the Flyers coach said. “He’s been in touch, and now he’s been allowed full contact. We still have a few days here. Hope it’s opening night.”

“He’s an important guy because he gives me a chance that maybe, when we recover, we have a little balance in the lines. He’s a good player.”

Farabi became the third NHL player to ever undergo the procedure, joining Golden Knights center Jack Eichel and Blackhawk forward Tyler Johnson. Before the surgery, talk to Eichel about the spanking process again.

“He was a little nervous before he took his first two hits, but then said, the mental part of it, he didn’t really think about it,” Farabi said. “That’s kind of how I feel right now, I don’t really think about it. I just go out there and play. I feel like I’m giving my best when I do that. Clearly some bad hits will come the way, but I feel like my body is in a good place to deal with.” all of that “.

Connaughton, Grosinik on concessions

The pilots had scaled back their list by Friday. They put defender Kevin Connaughton and goalkeeper Troy Grosnick in the concessions. If Saturday is clear, they will report to AHL affiliate Lehigh Valley.

The club has eight healthy defenders remaining on its roster. Nick Sealer looks set to open the season as the Flying Sixth Defender. The team may not have to carry an extra blueliner to start the year. Prospects Ronnie Attard and Igor Zamula are vying for a place.

Tortorella spoke highly of the 32-year-old Connaughton.

“It’s tough for me because Kevin has had such a good camp, he’s a good professional,” Tortorella said. “When I spoke to him this summer, I warned him, some kids here are going to be involved in this situation, as far as we develop some kids. He understands that.

“I think he’s going to be a big part of this because I think he’s going to play, and I think he’s going to be with us all the way here. The cool thing about Kevin is that I think he can implant himself there as a veteran, he’s a great professional and he’s teaching some of our kids there.”

The list of pilots is 32, including the injured players.

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