Jim Harbaugh excited about Michigan test in big game against Penn State: ‘We’re excited’

Jim Harbaugh didn’t need a reminder of the challenge he and his No. 4 Michigan soccer team will face next weekend, when No. 10 Penn State comes to town.

But while the coach was watching Sunday’s list of NFL games, including games on FOX, the bombing of commercials promoting the top ten game gave Harbaugh another dose of the significance of the Wolverines’ seventh game of the season.

“Every time they went to a commercial, it looked like they were promoting the Michigan-Penn State game at the Big House,” Harbaugh said on Monday night’s Inside Michigan Football Radio Show. “We’re very excited about that. We’re excited to have a great week of preparing and preparing ourselves for this match.”

While the Michigan team was among the top six teams all season in the polls and took off 6-0 for the second year in a row, the Wolverines know that they will be tested in ways yet to be tested. Nor has Penn State defeated, it has already won several road games and had some rest, recovery and research last week in a farewell week. The Nittany Lions aren’t a perfect team, but like the Wolverines, they are a top 15 recruiting team (#15 at 247Sports Team Talent Composite) with talented players, a quick defensive secondary and a fierce front seven.

That was evident last season as well, when the struggling Penn State team took a late lead over the Wolverines before losing, 21-17. The Nittany Lions scored 7-6, but lost four games by four points or less. Penn State has also gone back and forth with Michigan recently; Both programs 3-3 over the past six seasons, including three consecutive games with 10 points or less.

“Last year’s game and every other game we played, it has to be top of the list,” Harbo said. “We’re going to have to play really well because they’re playing really well, and they always do, and they’re always well prepared. They’re always good at defending, running, attacking, passing defense, passing attack and in the kicking game. They’re always really good. We say it’s A lot of the time that’s the best unit we’ll play all year in some phases. Every year you kind of say that and they always win matches. It’s a big match time game.”

Michigan 3-0 in the Big Ten so far, comfortably tackling Maryland, Iowa and Indiana for the past three weeks, but it’s fair to say Wolverine hasn’t been tested, as its table strength still ranks 95th nationally in the Ball Strength Index ESPN’s Foot. Penn State isn’t much higher in the 90th place, but it has played in some high-profile games this season including its prime-season opener in Purdue and a notable national win at Auburn.

According to Harbaugh, Michigan’s antidote to any nerves in the big game is simple: Be as prepared as possible so that no situation or pressure distracts you from your assignments.

Basically by preparing,” Harbow said. “There’s no doubt before the ball goes off, before you take the first kick in any game, there are butterflies. Especially in a big game, an atom against a rival opponent, those feelings are going to be very high. That’s cool and that’s where you want them. Football plays it.” Emotional people.

“You feel good and the confidence comes, I think, in training and preparing and getting to know your opponent as much as you can.”

In the field, Pennsylvania will test Michigan in several ways. Compared to the first six opponents of the Wolverines, Nittany Lions Michigan may experience in All road.

But during the first day of match-week preparations, Harpo felt he was coaching a team that was aware of what was at stake this weekend, and eager to remind the state of what it could do.

“That’s kind of the way I feel,” Harbo said. “We have to be prepared and be really prepared. Early in the week here, our guys – that’s kind of a rallying cry. There’s confidence there. They want to test themselves, so let’s put it this way. They’ve got some really top-notch players.” on all sides of the ball.”

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