It might destroy the morality of the DC Universe’s Justice League

The war against the Anti-Life forces is set to begin. in DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4 (by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hirsen, Neil Edwards, Andy Lanning, Ryn Peredo, Saida Timofonte) The summit between the Justice League and the entire Green Lantern Corps saw the Guardians of the Universe authorize the use of lethal force against the now interplanetary plague. Naturally, the Justice League opposed this, which caused conflict between the two groups.

Unfortunately for them, the Guardians of the Universe have a point about the gravity of the situation. Although the League has a viable cure, its optimistic attitude is naïve in the face of an enemy who has no remorse for slaughtering all that stands in its path. Ironically, in their attempt to offer a better solution, the Justice League may end up taking their world.

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Justice League and Guardians of the Universe score well

There is an old saying that “War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” In this issue, both sides represent this statement while discussing the right course of action. Clearly, the Justice League wants to save lives rather than kill them. Having been at ground zero at the start of this pandemic, they come to understand how the initial reaction of an army of zombies will be to give up saving those who are lost to protect those that remain. However, having learned that there has always been a cure, they must now come to terms with the lives they chose to destroy because they didn’t try hard enough. This is not only about preventing further loss of life, but also saving the Green Lantern Corps from the guilt of this decision.

On the other hand, the Guardians of the Universe have a good point here. Before, the Justice League was only up against hordes of ordinary undead who had no powers. Granted, there were a few heroes and villains who turned as well, but they made up a small portion of the army and were nowhere near the kind of power Darkseid musters on his side. Now, the universe faces a literal army of undead gods that have made their way across twelve planets, with a peak corpse count of over a hundred billion.

To them, the idea of ​​spending time and energy to produce a holistic cure, and then using self-restraint in administering it must seem like a fool’s errand. Under normal circumstances one could not hold back when troops came their way, to do so now would be fatal. As a result, both sides have their advantages, but it’s the classic battle between optimism and pessimism, and given how things have been going lately, the Justice League’s ideals don’t offer a promising solution.

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Hope the Justice League might destroy the DCeased universe

Both sides have a point

The Justice League always wants to save lives, and that’s a noble thing. It speaks to their personalities and convictions that even in the face of such overwhelming odds, they still want to try and help rather than destroy. Unfortunately, they may have overestimated their chances in this war. Now with every second that passes, Darkseid’s power grows stronger. Using the constraint necessary to keep a lot of corpses whole and then creating an opening to administer the treatment didn’t seem really feasible.

Then there is the fact that the treatment has not been shown to work as well as a vaccine. There are many unknown factors in their plan, and the potential risks far outweigh the potential benefits. This universe has proven time and time again to be cold and cruel, so maybe it’s time for the Justice League to cut their losses and focus on building a better tomorrow for living.

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