‘I was embarrassed’ – Chris Evert remembers the time she lied about her father’s profession on Skipper Chuck Show

as a child, Chris Evert She once lied about her father’s profession, calling him a painter rather than admitting he was a tennis coach.

in modern episode subordinate Design Matters with Debbie Millman Evert remembered that she was in the direct audience of Skipper Chuck Show, a popular children’s television show that aired from 1958 to 1982. During this appearance, Everett was asked about her father and his career.

Jamie Everett was a professional tennis player who later became a coach, teaching the sport to all of his five children at a tennis center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has also coached the likes of Brian Gottfried, Harold Solomon and Jennifer Capriati during his career.

Five-year-old Chris Evert was embarrassed to admit that her father was a tennis coach because all the other children’s parents were either doctors or lawyers.

“I lied. And at the time, my dad was a professional tennis teacher and I was embarrassed because all these other kids were saying my dad is a doctor, and my dad is a lawyer, you know. So I was embarrassed,” Chris Evert explained.

So the former number one lied to the world and said that her father was a painter, and in the last podcast she admitted that she still doesn’t know why she chose this particular profession.

“Okay. Just put it in there. So I said, he’s a painter. Where did that come from? And I don’t even know if I mean. Was he painting houses, or was he into artists or what? Got me? I got me. I got fired,” she said. .

“I didn’t want to say he was a professional tennis player or coach because there were very few of them in those days and I wanted to be more mainstream. So I said he was a painter. I hope you won’t be saying this to my face. It prepared me for the rest of my life.”

Back in the day 50 years ago. Chris Evert and Jamie Evert, her father and coach, Ellen Pelham https://t.co/W5UVa1546k

Her father, who was in the audience with her, could not help but laugh at his daughter’s lie.

Chris Evert said, “He just laughed. I was very shy at the time and didn’t like the attention and didn’t want to be controversial and different from everyone else. So I went mainstream with the painter.” .

“I don’t think he had any choice, he had to make a living” – Chris Evert on why her father turned to tennis

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova pose for a photo at the 2018 WTA Finals in Singapore.Big smash hits Champion stated that her father took up tennis because it offered him a way to make money and survive in the world.

β€œI don’t think he had any choice because he played number one for Notre Dame and he also played on the men’s tour. It was a professional tour and it was an amateur tour in those days but he really won the Canadian Open,” said Chris Evert inside. He’s really starting to make a name for himself.”

β€œHe went to the Navy for two years and when he came back he realized that he had to get a job and that he had to make money and he had to make a living. You know, it was time to get serious. Get it,” she added.

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