How to create awesome AI art with Prequel

From Alexa to Siri, DALL.E to deepfakes, we live in an era where artificial intelligence is rapidly permeating our daily lives. And as you probably read today, the art world is fast becoming intertwined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, signaling a major change in how digital images and video are created, consumed, and used.

But it is becoming clear that the deployment of AI in creative art comes in many different forms. For example, Adobe’s neural filters are for already somewhat capable Photoshop users, capable of making adjustments not normally possible with the traditional suite of tools. Then there are cognitive systems that generate entire images based on natural language text descriptions, which is another thing entirely. Among the most famous is the DALL-E 2 (see manual on How to use DALL-E 2).

Artificial Intelligence Art created with Prequel

Did Steve Jobs imagine that the AI ​​running on the iPhone could be used in creative interpretations of one of his most famous images? (Image credit: Prequel)

prefix (Opens in a new tab)a very popular suite of photo and video editing tools for mobile devices, including AI-based effects, occupies another category, using machine learning for technical adjustments that would be too much of a burden for a professional designer on a desktop.

Prequel provides a wide range of filters, effects, and templates that allow one-click edits to photos and videos. Many of them are available for free with no time limit, though the full range requires a subscription.

Artificial Intelligence Art created with Prequel

There’s a lot of focus on creating a retro feel, like a VHS tape or a washed-out ’70s vibe (Image credit: Prequel)

Take a great photo or record a video, quickly adjust it with any of the themed effects or filters, great for sharing – as an avatar, profile picture, or perhaps as a cheerful message to a friend, complete with some text, put together in a few minutes on Most without the need for deep knowledge of design tools.

As with any mobile app, it’s built for quick edits on the go, but that doesn’t mean the Prequel app is simple. The inclusion of AI opens up a new way to use art tools on mobile devices. With just a few clicks, you can make cool, beautiful changes to your photos, followed by applying filters for more fine-tuning. With a little creativity, tools and templates can be combined to create amazing effects.

Artificial Intelligence Art created with Prequel

After applying the effect, there are a lot of settings to adjust the color (Image credit: Prequel)

The star of the show is undoubtedly the “cartoon” filter and its anime variations, which give the effect of a hand-drawn cartoon from selfies, albeit with some exaggerated features. The striking effect on human faces is absolutely stunning and could easily match the efforts of the best AI teams from any of the big global names in software design.

To give you an idea, we took a photo of a character, ran it through a Cartoon AI effect, and slightly adjusted the facial features, including eye color, giving us a hand-drawn anime version of the theme. Then we applied a “Chicago” filter to turn the image into something like a black and white painting.

Artificial Intelligence Art created with Prequel

After applying the effect, there are a lot of settings to adjust the color. (Image credit: Prequel)

Upon saving that, we then loaded it back into the all-new Halloween Effects from the Prequel, with a particularly cool “Tarot” template adding some movement to the still image, with themed text, and a short video output. Finally, we added some drum and bass music, and cropped it to 16:9. Delightful video montage made from a single selfie in less than 20 minutes.

The list of effects, filters, and templates is almost overwhelming. A few only recognize a human face, others are video tools to combine clips in creative ways, while some use a proprietary template to quickly stitch an image in seconds, with retro or seasonal effects. It is worth noting that the same animation AI technology can process the video as well, and make a really cool short anime clip out of any video. We found that as usual, well-lit photos are the best source of textures, giving the best results out of any of the effects we tried.

Artificial Intelligence Art created with Prequel

Prequel makes wrinkles disappear and some facial features are enlarged. (Image credit: Prequel)

Aesthetic filtering on mobile devices has completely exploded in recent years, coinciding with the rise of image-heavy social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where mountains of still images and video content are shared every second.

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