How much does Intel Arc cost, and where to find GPUs

Intel Arc Alchemist, aka Intel’s first serious project in discrete graphics for gamers, is finally here. While GPUs are not hoping to compete with some AMD and Nvidia The best graphics cardsThey can stand their ground in the mid-market, and are priced very competitively to make up for the fact that they won’t replace your new car. RTX 4090 or even your age RTX 3080.

Intel’s lineup now includes the flagship Arc A770, which should be available with either 8GB or 16GB of memory. Then there is the Arc A750 and the entry-level Arc A380. Below, we’ll explore their pricing, availability, and most importantly, which one is worth spending your money on.

How much does an Intel Arc A770 cost?

Arc A770 graphics card that works in PC.

When Intel Arc was still in the development stage, many had high hopes for GPUs. Time has changed those expectations, and we now know that the flagship Arc A770 can rival Nvidia’s RTX 3060 and, at times, land close to the RTX 3060 Ti; Any signs of a trade hit with the RTX 3070 Ti were only a pipe dream. Intel knew this would be the case, and for that reason, it laid out a plan on how to move its way into the two-horse race which is the GPU market: Set competitive pricing.

in Our own GPU testWe found that Intel’s pricing strategy works well, and the Arc A770 can certainly withstand the RTX 3060 while still being cheaper to buy.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Intel flagship.

Intel Arc A770 16GB Intel Arc A770 8GB
nuclei 32 Xe-cores 32 Xe-cores
RT cores 32 32
Bandwidth 512 Gbps 512 Gbps
increase the clock 2.1 GHz 2.1 GHz
Memory bus 256 bit 256 bit
memory 16 GB GDDR6 8 GB GDDR6
TBP 225 W 225 W

The official MSRP price for the Intel Arc A770 16GB processor is only $349. The GPU is now available at some online retailers, including . there Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Editionwhich is Intel’s own version of the GPU, but there are also two custom models created by Intel board partners.

Acer company released Predator Bifrost Intel Arc A770 OC 16G, with a much higher boost clock of up to 2.4GHz. However, the price should be enough to send you back in Nvidia’s direction because the GPU costs over $700 at the time of writing.

Intel itself doesn’t produce 8GB versions of the Arc A770, but ASRock has Phantom Gaming Arc A770 8GB It costs $329.

Ultimately, Intel’s own version will be the way to go here, but there may be new custom versions of the Arc A770 coming out in the future. It all depends on which one you may be able to find in stock at that time; Expect these GPUs to sell out every now and then until the demand for them normalizes.

How much does an Intel Arc A750 cost?

Two Intel Arc graphics cards on a pink background.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The Intel Arc A750 is Intel’s second best graphics card (or third, if you count the 8GB Arc A770 graphics card). It comes with worse specs than the flagship, but not so much that it will have much worse performance. In fact, in our tests, the GPU outperformed the RTX 3060 by a small margin — not in every benchmark, but on average.

Intel Arc A750
nuclei 28 Xe-cores
RT cores 28
increase the clock 2.1 GHz
Memory bus 256 bit
memory 16 GB GDDR6
TBP 225 W

Intel made sure to give the GPU a reasonable price, too. Its list price is set at $290, which applies to the Intel Special Edition card. Given that the Arc A770 costs an extra $60, if you have the budget to spare, you’d better get that budget — but for budget-friendly builds, the Arc A750 will do just as well.

Once again, the Newegg Arc A750 is up for sale. The The Intel Limited Edition Arc A750 costs $290which is exactly the same price as usual ASRock Challenger Arc A750.

Much like the Arc A770, these GPUs may run out more often, but things should settle in over time.

How much does an Intel Arc A580 cost?

Intel Arc A770 graphics card.
Intel Corporation

We’re breaking into obscurity here with the Intel Arc A580 because, unfortunately, no one yet knows how much this GPU will cost. Intel announced its specifications, but it did not launch alongside the flagship Arc A770 and Arc A750. We expect it to appear soon enough, but we don’t know many details about Intel’s plans for this card.

Intel Arc A580
nuclei 24 Xe cores
RT cores 24
increase the clock 1.7 GHz
Memory bus 256 bit
memory 8 GB GDDR6
TBP 175 W

The Intel Arc A580 will likely compete with Nvidia’s RTX 3050 and will be budget graphics card. We expect it to be priced in the $180-$250 range, but that’s just speculation at the moment.

How much does an Intel Arc A380 cost?

Intel Arc A380 Gunnir Photon Edition.

When it comes to the Intel Arc A380 processor, things are a lot weirder. This entry level card was the first desktop GPU of the lineup to be launched, but initially Intel only released it in China in what appeared to be very small quantities. Now, the GPU is here, sort of, in theory. Newegg sells two copies of the Arc A380, one of which is too expensive to be worth the money.

We don’t know when Intel will release the card in any larger capacity, and it has yet to participate in the official global price list for the Arc A380.

Intel Arc A380
nuclei 8 Xe cores
RT cores 8
increase the clock 2 GHz
Memory bus 96 bit
memory 6 GB GDDR6
TBP 75 watts

If you want to get this card, you can find a file Gunnir Intel Arc A380 $228 and the ASRock Challenger Arc A380 Reasonably priced at well over $140; The latter appears to have been sold.

Which Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Should You Buy?

Intel Arc A770 GPU installed on test bench.

Intel’s nested launch strategy makes this question fairly easy to answer. While the Arc A380 is available to some extent (small), the Arc A580 is not at all. This means that you actually have three GPUs to choose from: Arc A770 16GB, Arc A770 8GBand the Arc A750.

Between the Arc A770 16GB and 8GB versions, there isn’t much competition. The 16GB version would undoubtedly be a better choice as long as the extra $20 isn’t a problem. Doubling the amount of memory for just $20 makes the 16GB A770 a much better deal.

Comparing the Arc A770 to the A750 is a bit more tricky. The A770 is definitely the best GPU, but the A750 still managed to convince us as a reasonable and budget-friendly offering. As such, it all comes down to the price you’re willing to spend on your new graphics card.

If you want to stay budget conscious but don’t mind spending more for better value, we recommend trying the Arc A770 when it’s in stock. However, if you’re building a cheaper PC and want to make some savings, you won’t see a huge step down if you go ahead and get an Arc A750. Both are solid GPUs, and despite their flaws, they are definitely priced in a way that makes them a good value.

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