Hook Entertainment has released a new statement regarding the dispute with Lee Seung Gi over unpaid music earnings

Hook Entertainment responded to Ji Sung LeeThe singer’s legal representative said the singer has not been paid for his music releases for the past 18 years.

Earlier this month, it was open Lee Seung Gi has sent a certificate of contents to his agency Hook Entertainment, requesting that the payments be disclosed transparently. Recently, it was the agency’s office building as well took over and inspected by the Serious Crime Investigation Division of the National Police Agency on suspicion of embezzlement by some executives. On November 21, Dispatch released a report that claimed that Lee Seung Gi had not received any of his royalties from his music and that five years of data from 2004 to 2009 were missing. Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young for a brief period answered They are in the process of fact-checking. On November 24, the legal representative of Lee Seung Gi has been confirmed That Lee Seung Gi was never notified of his music earnings and that he was receiving insults and threats when he asked for settlement details.

In addition, many media outlets have raised questions about the veteran singer Lee Sun HeeHer relationship with the unfair treatment of Lee Seung Gi because she is listed as the manager of Hook Entertainment.

On November 25, Hook Entertainment shared its position on the above matters with the following statement:

Hi, this is Hook Entertainment.

First of all, we are ashamed and would like to apologize to everyone for the continuous negative news that came out recently as well as the current issue between us and Lee Seung Gi. In particular, we would like to express our apologies to Lee Seung Gi who is going through a difficult time because of this.

We would also like to bow our heads and apologize to those who have been hurt by CEO Kwon Jin Young’s inappropriate actions and actions.

As mentioned earlier in Hook Entertainment’s press release, we have been in the process of securing and organizing accurate data to respond to the testimony of contents we received from Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative. It is unfortunate that the media transmit information that has not been thoroughly verified.

When Hook Entertainment and Lee Seung Gi signed an exclusive contract again after originally terminating our exclusive contract in 2021, both parties checked all settlement details from [Lee Seung Gi’s] career, and we settled the financial bond and debt relationship between our company and Lee Seung Gi. Both parties also wrote an agreement confirming these facts.

However, after Lee Seung Gi’s request, Hook Entertainment once again closely reviewed with experts the large amount of dividend settlement that Hook Entertainment paid Lee Seung Gi.

In addition, the report recently released by a certain media outlet regarding the content of Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment’s contract such as the percentage of dividends, etc., as well as the report about Hook Entertainment not paying Lee Seung Gi once for his music revenue. differ from the truth.

For the time being, we plan to clearly put things in order, correct our mistake and take responsibility for it if it proves to be there. As a celebrity management company that should have maintained relationships with its artists based on faith and trust, we apologize once again.

Additionally, in Lee Sun Hee’s case, since she was an artist with Hook Entertainment from the beginning, she was nominally listed as a courtesy director, but from 2006 to 2021, Hook Entertainment was a sole proprietorship owned by Kwon Jin Young’s 100 percent shares. Lee Sun Hee has never been involved in the company’s management affairs or dividend distribution.

Besides, Hook Entertainment also declares that we will not tolerate the act of defamation and harming its artists due to speculations regarding this matter and will take vigorous legal action through our legal representative.

Thank you.

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