Guilford has an IMAX virtual reality classroom in the state at a public school

GUILFORD, Maine — Instead of watching their teacher write on the whiteboard while taking notes, elementary students in Guilford can watch their lessons through the only 360-degree virtual reality room at a Maine public school.

The idea is that the room’s four walls are screens resembling an IMAX theater. Students sit on special chairs – ie Director Anita Wright Compared to boat cushions with back-on the floor they can be moved around as kids turn around to watch pictures unfold along the walls. Although the room is usually rounded, the school district modified a space it already had.

This technology was provided by a company called Igloo that brings to life experiences such as going inside a human body or meeting a dinosaur face to face. Wright said she found her during the early days of the pandemic when she was looking at how to help re-engage students after they returned to the school building after distance learning.

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