Grizzlies 115, Knicks 112 (overtime): “Holy Cam Reddish”

Oh, basketball, we spent a long time apart.

Wednesday night, and New York Knicks (0-1) He started his season by traveling to the banks of the mighty Mississippi River to play a game with a team Memphis Grizzlies (1-0). As the title says, the Knicks lost the contest 115-112 in overtime.

Julius Randle The Knicks led with 24 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, and two in 35 minutes. But your star in the game was often evil Cam Reddish. The big winger dropped 22 points, five rebounds, three steals and one block in 27 minutes, hitting a three-pointed corner kick to push the game into overtime.

It is worth noting about the game that it has been tagged Galen BronsonHis first official debut as Nick. Truth be told, he flew under the radar for the first three and a half quarters. A bad problem caught him early on, limiting him to just 13 minutes into the first half.

This is his first bucket in the books:

Bronson is a cunning ball player RJ Barrett, often leads to the trophy, but the dynamic duo struggled with Stephen Adams taking over the paint. Barrett. . . Phew. Stink from end to end in this one. He would have finished the match 3 to 18 from the ground with 11 points.

Glad he got that out of his system.

The Knicks came out of the gate limping in his gait, going 3-for-13 on the coach’s first time in 6:47. Fortunately, Memphis only shot 3 for 10.

Julius Randle kept the Knicks close in the first, with a 3-for-6 payout and eight points. Here’s a three-point play:

Cam Reddish called up his spot for RJ with three minutes left in the first. He immediately grabbed a rebound, lost the handle, and threw the ball Teos Jones For an insulting throw. Then the 25 and 26 foot cam drains. What a perfect packaging for Cam Reddish’s experience so far with the club. . . . But wait. The game isn’t over yet for the 23-year-old from Norristown, Pennsylvania.

New York finished the first quarter down just 25-23, thanks to Memphis’ shooting 29% off the ground.

in the first half, Isaiah Hartenstein He was a dervish in the second unit. Hartenstein works hard — and sometimes he works really hard. He scratched and scraped the offensive boards, threw some fine coins, and hit a couple of cute floats, but crashed to the ground a bit. With Robinson’s blunt problem, Isaiah saw a lot of excitement and finished the game with 16 points, eight rebounds, four assists and one block in a 40-minute lead. Shoot 7 vs 11 from the field, 0 vs. 3 from depth.

Here he throws a madness pass to Obi for money.

Memphis will not reimburse 29% of the entire game. They got hot in the second quarter, pushed Ja Morante18 points in the first half and six assists. While the Bears opened a 15-point lead, the Knicks went 0 for 8 from deep until Evan Fournier Finally it was turned out of the corner.

In the first half, the Knicks fell 61-46. For the half, they shot 19 for 57 (33%) from the ground and 5 for 21 (24%) from depth. Compare that to 22 vs 51 (43%) and 11 vs 25 (44%). Grizz overtook her, too, 34 to 28. Winning basketball, it wasn’t like that. RJ Barrett’s shot is particularly bad, going 1 for 9 in his first 19 minutes.

Things got uglier in the third before they got better. The Knicks dropped by 19, then finally fought to cut the difference to three late in the third. They did the most damage while Morant watched from the bench.

Randall continued to play effectively, collecting points and boards, and moving well on the defensive end. This is his impression of Brahma Paul:

In games like these, when Mitch has four early fouls, Hartenstein is the heckuva’s safety blanket.

He was always on the move, passing smart, hitting his balls and fighting for the boards. Mitch is the best attack maker, but Hartenstein has a great engine and attack source. Tibbs showed more confidence in him than Robinson tonight.

New York finished the third quarter down 85-79.

Allow me to mix up metaphors. . . . This Halloween, I might trick-or-treat like Cam Reddish with my kids. I can’t think of another player being buried as if dead, then rising from the grave with a funky, inspirational motion that makes me jump out of my seat. Cam contributed huge minutes late in the third and throughout the fourth.

Here she goes cam in the biggest Grizzly on Earth and takes possession of:

The Knicks didn’t relent, and with three minutes left, Randle sent a nice pass to Bronson to take the lead, 96-95. From there, Memphis and New York went back and forth. This year, the Knicks hired Galen Bronson to lead them late in hotly contested matches, trading in a quiet game with gassing in the last minutes of regulation.

The Grizzlies had a four-point lead in the last minute, but Bronson kept finding and circulating the ball, hoping someone could turn it. He finds Galen Hartenstein twice – once for three missed, but then a layup and a free throw. This put the Knicks in one place with 28 seconds left.

Morant got the ball and turned a tough shot out of the cup with 8 seconds left. Who can Knicks rely on to tie the game to a triple pointer? Cam Reddish, of course. From the corner:

Three seconds is more than enough time for Morant to fly from midfield to the edge. But Galen Bronson soaked his feet in paint and grabbed a plump face to draw an offensive charge.

over time!

Bronson continued to act and Morant played his part under the bonus. Hartenstein must have been gassed, but the man never faltered. Reddish continued to hum as well, though unwisely, as early in the shot clock the 26-foot brick made a costly defensive bounce. Once again, Knicks dropped by three seconds before letting go of seconds. This time, Fournier got the ball, but couldn’t hit the shot Cam fired five minutes earlier.

time is over. Your final: 115-112, Grizzlies.


  • Fact: Who would have guessed that Randall and Reddish would be the team captains tonight? Not me, kids.
  • The Knicks won the fight for points in the paint, 68 to 48.
  • Twice tonight (by my count) Obi cut along the baseline, befriended a lane under the ledge, and immediately tried to kick him back to the back post. Hartenstein turned a buoy wide open. Mitch missed the ball and lost it. It’s a great game, drawing defenders into Obi who is a lube threat and freeing Mitch or Hart for the easy bucket. More of that, please, Mr. Tepes.
  • checkers sante (6’11”, 224 lbs.), of Spain and Loyola Greyhounds, was the 30th pick in the 2021 draft. Playing the power forward tonight, he finished with 18 points and 11 boards in 39 minutes. Grizz has a player there.
  • With Julius he plays well, Obi TobinJust 13 minutes tonight. He was missed several times in the first half, and in the second, he couldn’t find a rhythm. Obi Randle spelled out for a few minutes in the fourth game but was knocked out again after some ineffective offensive work. He will have an even better game on Friday against Detroit.
  • before the match, Stephen Adams (6’11”, 265 lbs) Responding to Tom Thibodeau’s claim that Mitchell Robinson He is the best offensive player in the NBA, saying, “Probably, yeah probably. The guy’s really good, man. Centering dribble balls all that. He’s solid.” All this positive talk recedes on Lobness’s monster. Mitch finished the match with five fouls, four points, two rebounds, and two blocks in 13 minutes.
  • Floor announcer Grizzlies looks like drunken Rodney Dangerfield eating a peanut butter sandwich. It made me happy.

All Quoth good names taken: “Holy Cam Reddish.” Yes I agree with you. The next match will be on Friday, which is the opening match at home against Detroit Pistons. A very winning game. can’t wait.

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