Grimcutty Review – A Hulu Horror Explores Online Dangers

There is a disguised core of something interesting in the heart darkthe new hollow Film by writer/director John Ross. The film is a treatise on hysterical helicopter parents, the perils of social media challenges and the growing concern about how much screen time is healthily spent. These are valid (albeit not entirely new) concerns, and horror is a wonderful lens through which to explore.

The case is not so darkhypothesis, but rather its implementation. This is a chaotic movie, complete with large logic gaps, more than one performance to chew on scenes, and a running time that its relatively thin and repetitive script doesn’t earn.

The movie starts off solidly: Mother Melinda Gaines (Alona Tal(Turns off her young son, Brandon)Kayden Alexander Koshelevin his bedroom at night, apparently in an attempt to protect him from his latent Grimcutty.Joel Ezra Hebner) the outside. When Brandon sneaks in to take a knife from the kitchen, he is threatened by the massive monster that broke into him. Facing the creature in front of him, Brandon lunged at his mother… and stabbed her.

That scene, and Jaynes, would go on unnoticed until late in the movie. Instead, the work is centered on pursuing teenage Asha Chaudhry (Sarah Wolfkind), a middle-class suburban teenager who recently left the track team to create ASMR videos for an audience not on YouTube. Asha Leah’s parentsShannen Susamun) and Amir (Osman Ali) do not understand their daughter’s decision, fearing that she is depressed and worried about the amount of time she spends on the Internet. They try to enforce “free family phone outings,” then get angry when you sneak away to worry about provocateur influencer Cassidy Johnston (Tate Mor).

Prince and Leia’s anxiety grows when their group chat warns of Grimcutty, a new online challenge that encourages kids to self-harm. While they are doing a frantic web search, Asha is attacked by the creature in the kitchen, but when the police arrive, neither her parents nor the cops believe Asha.

Easy Creature Design darkThe best assets. Athlete of tall, slender limbs and a giant oval head, Grimcutty is visually striking, especially Hebner’s movements as monstrous sliders slither through doors and underpasses.

After what they believe to be a self-attack, Asha’s parents suggest the family abandon their phones and laptops in a detox box, posting cult-like phrases such as “Reclaim your game of focus” and “Cut down screen time in the meantime.” Although From the similar efforts of other parents, the Grimcutty incidents have spread, and in no time at all, children are being taken out of school and cut off from technology.

As an example of the speed and absurdity of patriarchal hysteria (which is the modern equivalent of the phrase “nobody please Thinking of children?! “), dark kind of business. The problem is that Asha, Cassidy and Asha “Dark Web” using techno genius younger brother Kamran (Kalan FarisBanded together to reveal the origins of the urban social media legend, it’s hard to ignore the absurd plot twist of adult plans.

dark It exists in a fictional world that supposes that if parents take phones and laptops, teens will not have the opportunity to connect to the internet. Apparently, there are no Internet cafes, bookstores or cafes in the unnamed city where the movie was set? Even in a small town, it would be impossible to remove the teenage access, which makes the vast majority of the movie completely unbelievable.

Then there is the suggestion that the Prince and Walia could stay at home indefinitely in order to monitor their children, while at school, officials turned off all computers and began forcibly removing students protesting against the new “fascist” regime (the word is used twice, insistently One of the characters has to go to the police if her parents try to take her phone.)

Fortunately, Wolfkind is a compelling pioneer, so even when the plot is turbulent, watching Asha solve the mystery is intriguing. Her relationship with Kamran is one of the strongest character-driven elements in the film (the siblings affectionately refer to each other as “stupid” and “idiots,” which seems spot on). And while Cassidy is an interesting sticking point for Asha, I’ve repeatedly noticed that Asha isn’t quite as Zen as she presents in her ASMR videos, Moore doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. Plus: A third act reveals Cassidy’s history with suicide, which is terse and emotionally manipulative.

Unfortunately, teens are more personified than adults. Sosamon, who sports an amazingly tough haircut which is the most recognizable part of her character, doesn’t really have much to do with it. However, she is better than Ally, whose prince does nothing but overreact, scream and thunder for most of the film. In a bewildered moment, Amir shouted at his wife: “They have tried it before. They use our networks to incite violence… against a particular society like ours.” This is the movie’s only acknowledgment that the Chaudry family is a POC, but who exactly “they” Prince is referring to, or in what context, is never broken down. The font is tone-deaf and feels uncomfortable in its place.

It’s ultimately a big issue that all adults are one-dimensional: they don’t listen, they don’t believe, they don’t trust their children. This is boring. The film continues to return to the same exhausting intergenerational debate about the dangers of internet connectivity, which may have succeeded in an old movie, but in 2022 it seems incredibly outdated (note to filmmakers: the internet isn’t new!). clearly dark It draws on concerns about real-world social media challenges and even true crime incidents like Slenderman, but examining these issues is too superficial and straightforward.

While some of the action scenes are entertaining, like Asha’s escape from Grimcutty at a crowded party and a dangerous showdown at Jaynes’ house, they’re simply not strong enough to counter the movie’s recurring message about parents, teens, and the internet. login in a hundred minutes, dark I feel like forty minutes is too long.

It’s a shame because the movie has a creepy monster design and solid performance by Wolfkind. In general, however, dark He simply doesn’t have enough to say and goes far beyond the welcome. Hulu’s fans in the dark or the “Welcome to Blumhouse” series you might find satisfying, but in the over-hyped horror market with so many other solid titles, dark Simply memorable enough to stand out.

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