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For the first time in 3 years, the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) 2022 Annual Meeting will be held live and in person in Nashville, Tennessee, the home of great music and barbecue, and October 16-19, chart-topping news in pulmonology, critical care and sleep medicine.

This year’s tour will of course include The Usual Suspects: oral summaries of the latest clinical and scientific advances, educational sessions to help attendees hone their skills, industry-sponsored seminars, live escape rooms—wait, Escape rooms??

More on this in a minute. First, let’s hear from the organizers of this year’s meeting to find out what the store has in store.

The chest acquires personality

“We are personally after a 3-year gap, and I think a lot of the excitement is about making this personal experience, which has always been amazing, even better and more rewarding,” said Sobani, CHEST 2022 Program Leader. Chandra, MD, FCCP, assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, in an interview with Medscape Medical News.

“I think this is going to be a unique year, with more energy than we’ve ever seen, because in addition to the typical tutorial, there’s going to be a lot of excitement about coming back in person,” Anissa Das, MD, FCCP, professor of internal medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Vice Chair of the 2022 Program Committee.

In an interview, Das, the sleep medicine specialist, said she’s particularly looking forward to a new addition to the popular “Amnesty the Interruption,” or BTI, sessions, which are based on the sports TV talk show ESPN. Noun. Sessions feature three competitors discussing hot topics in a particular sub-discipline, earning themselves points for factual accuracy and intelligence. Presentations should be brief and evidence-based, and each session is followed by a moderated debriefing period to allow audience members and participants to review the topics discussed.

the new Sleep Medicine PTI Session Will focus on positive airway pressure (PAP) and non-PAP approaches to management Sleep Apneaand first-line treatment for restless leg syndrome. Other PTI sessions, one on each of the four meeting days, will focus on disagreements in asthmaAnd the pulmonary vascular diseaseAnd the critical care.

Many voices, one goal

This year there will be a special focus on engaging young clinicians and interns, with oral and digital summaries and poster presentations to support new voices and new ideas from a rich and diverse group of newcomers.

As the CHEST 2022 organizers stated on the meeting website, “[o]Your Program Committee has made sure that our committees do not represent just one view or viewpoint. Each educational session will feature presenters from a variety of backgrounds, including diversity of gender, ethnicity, accreditation, institutions, and years of experience in medicine. We celebrate the diversity of our members and the patients we treat. In our care for others, we strive for justice and inclusion.”

Chandra said this year’s meeting will also enrich with lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and experience gained in hosting virtual meetings over the past two years.

New this year will be a series of updates to the changing practices in pulmonology and critical care created in collaboration with the journal chest. These sessions are in addition to the literature reviews and “Best of CHEST Journal” sessions that attendees have enjoyed in previous years.

For the new update sessions, “they have brought together leading researchers and clinicians and will be reviewing the latest developments that are already changing practice and actionable in the field,” Chandra said.

Education, fun and games

In more than 300 educational sessions, attendees can learn about the latest advances in intra-tumoral therapies for lung cancer, care for patients with COVID-19, including recommended protocols and rush planning for the next wave, and updates on CHEST’s guidance on intravenous anticoagulant therapy. Thromboembolic events, thrombo prophylaxis in COVID-19, and lung cancer screening.

In addition to the quieter PowerPoint-based sessions, attendees will be invited to roll up their sleeves and participate in interactive sessions that will include simulation sessions, including a new session on diagnosing and managing complications in a bronchoscopy group, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing, a one-on-one clinic where attendees are trained On direct laryngoscopy and ‘everything you need to know and things you’re afraid to ask about airway management, ventilation, and pulmonary clearance of patients with trachea tubes”.

Oh yeah, and those escape rooms we promised. This year there will be live escape rooms offering adventurous attendees a chance to put their clinical knowledge and skills to use collecting clues and solving puzzles in two missions.

Here’s how the meeting site puts it:

Journey to a distant future where a spacecraft has crashed and the crew on board need to be rescued in Starship Relics. Next, travel to a mountain town where a mystery needs to be solved and awaits a frightening development in The asthma rise of.”

There’s also a “last person standing” challenge in a game called Peer Pressure, where up to 30 players are simultaneously challenged with increasingly complex questions. Wrong answers result in players being disqualified until only one claims victory.

social events

And of course, no CHEST meeting would be complete without special events, such as the CHEST 25th Anniversary Celebration, and the Opening Reception for all attendees at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, which features line dancing, live music, and Nashville favorites, including desserts with Jack Paint. Daniel.

Welcome to Nashville!

American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) 2022 Annual Meeting: October 16-19, Music City Center, Nashville, TN.

Neil Ostrowell, award-winning medical journalist, is a long-term and frequent contributor to Medscape.

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