Great start ruined by almost everything else: Senators beat Capitals 5-2

Washington Capitals made the trip across the border in the Battle of the Capitals on Thursday. Could the Caps extend their winning streak to three or is it time to start over against the Kings on Saturday?

TJ Oshie fed the super cute Marcus Johansson on an early advantage from five to three. Anthony Mantha will add his third season to play the remaining force after the Oushie tag.

Drake Paterson responded with two goals in a power game at short time per second to tie things up again. Shane Pinto placed third for Ottawa in a row to give the Suns their first lead. Tyler Mott and Alex DeBrinkat empty blanks.

The Senators defeated the Capitals 5-2.

  • The first period is pretty cool overall. I think they released a little gas in the final minutes of the frame but other than that they spent a lot of time in the senators’ area and that’s always a great sign. Two goals from a unit that looked like they’d never score again about a week ago helped me achieve two.
  • In most teams, degrading the fourth line would probably be a bad thing Alexi Protas Playing there tonight shows that he has already earned more confidence from the coaching staff. I don’t want to see him there in the long run or anything, but his game has obviously jumped a level from last season. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of his growth in the NHL.
  • Legendary Pat Holden Wrote a post on RMNB seven years ago about how Marcus Johansson It is the absolute transition of the power running region entries. Ah yes. still related to. Nobody does it better than the number 90 and that was on full display for TJ Oshie’s hit man advantage. I don’t think it was a coincidence that things started when he was transferred to that higher unit.
  • Remember all the nice things that were said about the first? Well, in the second the caps completely fell out of the game. Most of that was due to the constant play of special teams, but they were slow to five versus five as well.
  • Five minor penalties for hats in the second period. The judges had put their whistles away completely in the first period after as early as five to three. All of a sudden things became penalties again when the hats were the culprits in the second. This contact Alex Ovechkin To finish this period was totally fake especially after you consider the fact that they have already given about 65 power games to Ottawa.
  • You all know exactly why Conor McMichael He felt the need to drop gloves for the first time in his NHL career. He got scratched in the first four games of the season and played less than three minutes in the first period. He’s going to get some major locker room props for that but he’d really rather never see them again.
  • I don’t want to see Ovechkin, Lars Eller, and Conor Sheary’s first streak again. Thanks. Completely invisible.
  • The third was worse in practice. The caps fell into the game and instead of turning them over to find the equalizer, they shrunk and let more pressure go. This is the third time they’ve played awfully this season in a close match in the final frame. not good.
  • Why Shin Bento Wide open the game-winning goal between three different games? This should be applied to duct tape in the room over and over again.
  • Darcy Comber It was the only reason they were still close in the end. It would be nice if they could help him on the other side of the rink. The fourth streak was on the ice with less than two minutes in regulation as he dropped a goal. Enter an angry sigh here.

Next, the Hats will play the Los Angeles Kings inside the Capital One Arena on Saturday night. Let’s hope things go better.

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