Fans don’t let the Nets escape the drama in Practice in the Park

The Nets’ packed home in Practice in the Park showed that they do indeed have a thriving fan base. Steve Nash’s little boos and lukewarm reception to Kevin Durant on Sunday prove they have pressure to go with him.

Nearly 8,000 tickets were distributed to the park’s sixth annual course, a record for the free event open to the public and maximum capacity for pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2. With the iconic view of lower Manhattan as the backdrop.

They also had to make their voices heard. double edged sword.

Nash’s ability to deal with A A star-studded team And the leadership of the hero is called into question in some circles of the fan base. Other sectors were annoyed that Durant requested a deal this season, then tried to fire Nash and general manager Sean Marks.

But on Sunday, both Nash and Marks were in attendance at the fan event. Nash’s kids were there, too, ironically wearing Durant’s T-shirts.

The Brooklyn Nets pose for a group photo after their annual park rehearsal in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Nets fans were treated to Brooklyn stars as they showed off their play.
Tom Horak USA Today Sports

“The guys worked really hard, they got locked into every detail. We’re trying to make an identity and understand each other, together,” Nash told color team commentator Tim Capastro. “It’s a challenge but they’ve worked really hard. If we stick with it, we’ll be a great team.”

For his part, Dai Ron Sharp – the only player available to the media at the event – expressed his confidence in Brooklyn’s ability to reach such an impressive level.

When asked if this would be a championship season for the Nets, Sharp confidently replied, “Yes. Absolutely.”

Sharp has seen COVID-19 wreak havoc on his junior campaign, limiting unprotected superstar Keri Irving to just 29 games — six games at the Barclays Center. Now with New York City’s vaccine mandates repealed, Irving is eligible for Home and Nets It seems more comprehensive To start the season, Sharp is confident of achieving a better result.

“I would say the year is non-COVID, like the real one. I told some of my teammates that everything was different because of COVID, so I need to see how things are without COVID,” Sharp said. Together, we get better team harmony.”

Power Forward Kevin Durant (7) attends the sixth annual in-park training for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team held at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2 in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn on Sunday, October 9, 2022 in New York City, USA.
Kevin Durant has grabbed headlines this season for his commercial drama with the Nets.
Stefan Jeremiah for New York Post

Irving — who was unable to extend a long-term contract with Brooklyn this summer and picked the option in the final year of his $36 million deal — got the loudest applause in the afternoon. Durant received some cheers, but they were as frosty as the autumn weather and the breeze from the East River.

However, both Nash and Sharpe talked about how fun it was to be at the event, and how being on the field brought up childhood memories.

“Sure. Playing outside with friends several days in the winter, in the rain no matter what, I should have played outside,” said Nash. “So it’s always great.” To return on the playing field.”

After failing to get proper traction in their New Jersey days, events like these help curling take root. This marks their 10th season at Barclays Center, where the 20-year-old Sharp said he can remember his days in Jersey and is happy to help them build a fan base in Brooklyn.

“I can remember when the Nets were in Jersey too. I’m not that young, but I can remember the start of nets started in Jersey,” Sharp said. It was too long.”

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