Emotional Brooks Koepka thought about quitting smoking

Brooks Koepka and broadcaster Dom Politt on Sunday after Koepka’s Live Golf win.


Brooks Koepka, forever confident, thought it was over.

then Brooks Kopka broke down.

He’s been about to run for three years, after some running for two years. First, the last. From the 2017 US Open to the 2019 Open, they couldn’t play a major tournament without at least thinking about ordering the trophy with a “B” and “K” already engraved on it. Two wins at the US Open. Two PGA Championships. Four more of the top ten. And then?

Surgery on his left knee in August 2019. A procedure using knee stem cells after a fall two months later. Covid fracture in 2020. Dislocated knee and damaged ligaments in his right knee in March of 2021. Thigh injury. Wrist injury. His body was running out of healthy parts. And his golf suffered. During this stretch, he won once last year Open waste management.

Brooks Kopka

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Then Kopka beat again, on Sunday in Saudi Arabia over Leaf Golf Serieswhere he now plays golf.

And Koepka got to interview this winner.

And later, he was emotional.

Course Analyst Dom Polit “one of the big names out there” kicked off the LIV broadcast. “Even though you’ve won major slams, I feel this is an important win for you, given the year you’ve had it.”

“It is,” Koepka said. “The last two years…”

lowered his head.

So, it’s been a long way to go. I’m so excited. My whole team, we got the band back together, literally, two months ago. We got Claude back on the team; and Pete—you’ve worked with Pete so hard; and Jeff as well. This is for them.”

You know what, you’re a strong competitor,” Boulet said on the broadcast. “But you’re a little emotional now.”

“Yeah, I mean it was–I didn’t know if my career was over for half a second,” Kupka said. “Until being able to – I mean, I told Claude I wasn’t sure I was going to play. So it’s good to be able to come back and be able to win.”

Koepka wasn’t heading toward the end of Sunday either. On this year’s PGA Tour, he missed three cuts in eight events. In the majors, he didn’t play the weekend in half. With LIV, his best finish in five tournaments, with only 48 players, was a ninth place finish, which came last week.

Then Kopka won again.

As he told Pollet, he re-enlisted Claude Harmon III As his swing coach. Keep working with a short game coach Bitcoin And put coach Jeff Pearce.

The left knee, right knee, wrist and hip did not hurt much.

Brooks Kopka

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And later, he was emotional.

The winner’s press conference included this exchange:

“Brooks, can you talk about your own path to this win. It sounded like you had some doubts about your broadcast career. I know you had some injuries here a few years ago. Where were you just when you started with LIV in terms of your health, then you arrived to the point?

“I mean, it was before LIV, when I blew my knees, and my feet were oriented that way, almost backwards and to the side. Credit to Dr.. [Neal] Atrash. Throwing his name out there,” Kopka began, describing his knee injury in 2021.

“I still – I mean, eventually I’ll have a knee replacement in a few years, but I didn’t know what it was – I wasn’t sure if I could even move the same way and if I wanted to play if I couldn’t move the way I wanted to. I’m lucky. For being where I am now.”

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