Eagles record against Jaguars, quick points: Miles Sanders helps Philadelphia overtake Jacksonville, stays undefeated

Philadelphia – The ordeal certainly came for the Eagles way early on against the Jacksonville Jaguars, however Philadelphia used an excellent defensive effort to weather a 29-21 victory at Lincoln Financial Field on a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon. Miles Sanders lunged for 134 yards and two touchdowns to lead the fast Eagles attack, which gained 213 yards to the ground in less than ideal conditions. The Eagles (4-0) remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL.

Philadelphia, who trailed by double digits for the first time this season, recovered from a 14-0 downturn and scored 29 unanswered points to control the game. Galen Hurts ran a 3-yard drop for fourth and hit from the 3-yard line to start the scoring and make it 14-7. The Eagles followed that thrust by forcing three exits. In their next series, Sanders would run 10 yards to tie the game at 14-14. Kenny Jenwell then scored from 10 yards to put the Eagles ahead 20-14 before the break.

The Eagles scored 20 points in the second quarter and have a total of 85 points in the second quarter through four games, the most in NFL history. The second quarter’s dominance built a lead they wouldn’t give up.

Jake Elliott added to the lead early in the fourth quarter with a field goal from 28 yards before Sanders put Philadelphia 29-14 with 5 yards of touchdown — his second in the afternoon. Sanders had a basic third inning at seven yards in third and fifth in the final minutes which helped put him off a few minutes late in the game.

Jacksonville took the lead early on Andre Cisco’s return for the 59-yard interception which put the Jaguars ahead 7-0. Jamal Agnew also had a two-yard touchdown, raising Jacksonville by 14 points in the first quarter. While Agnew finished with two touchdowns on the day, the Jaguars were doomed to five turns and a stretch as they went 13 plays for 27 yards as Philadelphia recovered from their touchdown deficit to take the lead.

Dropping 29-21 with 1:48 left, Haason forced Reddick to go after Trevor Lawrence (second in the match) to take the win. The Eagles forced five fast foods and they had three bags a day.

Here are the main points from the Jaguars-Eagles game. Summarize all the actions in the live blog below.

Why did the Eagles win?

The Eagles rushed for 213 yards against the No. 1 Jaguar defense, despite not having Jordan Mailata for the majority of the match. Sanders rushed for a high-profile 132 yards and two touchdowns in bad weather while Galen Hurts made 38 yards and a point on the ground. Philadelphia did its best to slow the game down by managing the football and making long, sustained moves that kept the Jaguars defense on the field.

In addition to the rushing attack, the defense forced five quick points – including fumbling Hasson Riddick in the second half to preserve the win. Jacksonville was running 16 plays for 27 yards as Philadelphia erased their 14-0 hole and led 20-14 in the inning.

Why did you lose the Jaguar

Five fast food eventually ended up in Jacksonville, including four touchdowns on a rainy, windy afternoon. All missteps landed the Eagles on the next road, and the latter by Riddick ended the match when Jacksonville had the chance to equalize with less than two minutes left.

Christian Kirk was also mostly ineffective as he was targeted nine times and had two stops for 60 yards, while Lawrence threw an interception that targeted him in the third quarter. The Jaguars allowed 401 yards as the Eagles wore the defense, and ran them 50 times.

turning point

The Jaguars went on to make a statement on the fourth and 3 of the Eagles’ 34-yard streak early in the second quarter with a 14-0 lead. A first-class diversion down could have been fatal for the Eagles, but Lawrence mishandled the shot and the play led to a 14-yard loss with Fletcher Cox to restore confusion in the Eagles’ 48-yard line.

That gave the Eagles – and the rain-filled crowd – impetus as they went seven games for 62 yards and scored to cut the difference to 14-7. Philadelphia ended up scoring 20 unanswered points in the second quarter to take a 20-14 lead in the first half.

play the game

Galen Hurts scored a drop of 3 yards for the 4th and 3rd with the Eagles losing 14-0 in the second quarter. Hurts received the handover and crossed the open A-gap into the end zone for the relegation to cut the difference to 14-7. Hurts not only expected the blow from Jaguars midfielder Devin Lloyd as he crossed the plane, but also delivered the blow because he was ready to cut his body and score.

The hit ended Hurts’ helmet strapping with Lloyd, but players ended up doing just fine in the aftermath. Played bold by Hurts.

the quote

“I told Doug ‘I really appreciate and respect you so much.’ I told him thank you for being the reason I’m here. I have a lot of love and respect for him, his way of training, his coaching style, the way he does things, and the amazing work Jacksonville is doing right now.”

“I have nothing but respect for him. I wish him nothing but the best.”

Galen Hurts on catching up with Doug Pederson after the Eagles beat the Jaguar.

next one

The Eagles (4-0) will head to Arizona to face the Cardinals while the Jaguars (2-2) will host the Texas team next week.

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