DZS Intros Multi-terabit Velocity V6 OLT

DZS A new addition to the DZS Velocity fiber access suite that delivers industry-leading performance and high density in a 6-rack unit (6RU), the DZS Velocity V6 Multi-Terabyte System has introduced an environmentally reinforced form factor that redefines how service providers deploy Passive Optical Networking (PON). ) at high density sites.

Uniquely designed to meet the high symmetric bandwidth and low latency requirements of emerging applications such as Augmented Reality Ultra High Definition (UHD) / Virtual Reality / Extended Reality (AR / VR / XR) for the metaverse world, the V6 scales up to 800 gigabits per second (Gbps). per second) of unblocked switching capacity per slot to deliver maximum performance and flexible upgrades to 50Gbps, 100Gbps PON and other future fiber access technologies.

Trade-offs for the DZS Velocity V6:

Extraordinary performance and capacity: The industry’s only platform with an architecture scalable to nearly terabytes of unblocked switching capacity per slot, delivering the maximum performance of modern 10Gb XGS-PON technologies to more than 24,000 6RU form factor subscribers

– Ready for future PON technologies: Supports simple in-place upgrades to 50Gbps and 100Gbps PON and access to tomorrow’s technologies while maintaining unblocked performance for all types of services versus full system replacement required by other vendors

Open standards-based, SDN-enabled software: Compliant with global standards and complemented by DZS Cloud software solutions for coordination, automation, service assurance, and WiFi experience management

Best of both worlds: Support for centralized and detailed deployment models for conveyors provides the operational simplicity of a chassis-based system with the flexibility and advantages of classification

– Expandable and Interoperable ONT Portal and Gateway: Supports a full range of Optical Network Terminals (ONT) and gateways with advanced WiFi technology and 3rd party interoperability.

Huawei OLT Vendor Replacement Solution: The DZS Velocity V6 can match the form factor while exceeding the density and performance of the most prevalent Optical Line-Out (OLT) systems from Chinese vendors at least an order of magnitude higher, making it an ideal solution for service providers seeking to “put an end to To grow” or “copy and replace” existing Huawei fiber access deployments with future-ready systems easily, securely, and cost-effectively

When combined with award-winning DZS Xtreme software, which allows carriers to create unified services across a multi-vendor access environment, service providers can cut IT integration cycles from months or years to weeks and potentially cut integration costs by millions of dollars.

Complementing the DZS Velocity V6 is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of optical, packet, and cloud subscriber solutions that ensure the highest levels of network performance and a multi-gigabit subscriber experience. The DZS Portfolio is designed to help transform traditional service providers into experience providers:

DZS Cloud delivers comprehensive visibility, coordination, automation, network assurance, and WiFi analytics for an unparalleled subscriber experience and extraordinary operating agility The DZS Saber-4400 solutions deliver metro and edge transport up to 400 Gbps per wavelength, with up to 9.6 terabytes per second per uplink Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) using environmentally reinforced coherent optics, capable of transmitting multiple 100-400Gbps OLT uplinks up to 120 km in a compact form factor, enabling range and ease of deployment for broadband services Optical 10G+ DZS M4000 Converged transmission system provides industry-leading SDN-enabled flexibility for both 5G xHaul (front end, middle and reverse) and edge network traffic aggregation applications DZS Helix at the subscriber edge is one of the broadest and most advanced ONT access gateway in the industry and access point portfolios, featuring the latest WiFi 6 technology and easy network solutions

All DZS solutions are standards-based, have proven interoperability with most industry vendors, and can be easily managed and organized alongside other third-party solutions.

With increasing pressure globally on countries and service providers to address Chinese equipment security concerns, there is a growing demand for options to replace Huawei suppliers in multiple networks. Even in countries that have not yet banned or restricted Huawei equipment, there are concerns that service providers who keep such equipment in their networks could become increasingly marginalized due to potential security risks. For those following Huawei’s supplier replacement strategy, the DZS Velocity lineup offers several single replacement or “Cap and Grow” options that minimize operational downtime while maximizing future upgrade opportunities. This includes proven and widespread interoperability with DZS ONTs as well as world-class DZS Xtreme format solutions that enable seamless management of multiple vendors.

The new DZS Velocity V6, complementing the rest of the DZS Velocity suite in Access EDGE, DZS Helix in Subscriber EDGE, DZS Saber at the Optical EDGE and DZS Cloud, all give both end-to-end service providers the way to an unparalleled broadband experience. Multi-gigabit plus a competitive advantage as they look to the futuree.

Charlie Vogt, CEO of DZS
The disruptive innovation underpinning our next generation Velocity V6 offers a cost-effective replacement option for Huawei’s legacy OLT, which has been deployed worldwide and is just the right size, despite unparalleled capability and software-defined intelligence. From a capacity, switching and fabric perspective, the futuristic V6 enables 800Gbps per slot paving the way for 50/100G access technology. V6 supports 24,000 simultaneous GPON/XGS PON subscribers in a single compact system and is ideally suited for network designs with 20,000-20 million subscribers.

Miguel Alonso, Product Manager, DZS
With the introduction of the DZS Velocity V6, DZS has stepped up with a game-changing solution that not only provides our service provider customers with true next-generation capability, but also enables them to enhance their telecom networks with market-leading performance and dramatically reduce both time costs to traditional integration and deployment. The DZS Velocity V6 can be easily introduced into today’s environments and becomes a catalyst for transformation into any network.

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