DAVE MUSTAINE Still Hopes To Write New Music With James Hetfield: ‘The World Really Wants Us To Do It’

In a new interview with vinyl music writerAnd the Mega leader Dave Mustaine He said he was “secretly hoping there would be a day” when he could write music again with his former bandmate MetallicaAnd the James Hetfield. “I think the world really wants us to do that, and I think there’s a good chance that will happen in the future,” he added.

He continued, “I think it could happen one day mosques He’ll come, and he and I will be able to do something together again. I think that’s one of the things that has always pushed me forward. I think it will be useful for Megaand could be great for Metallica very.”

Back in 2012, mustine apologize to Hetfield To publicly discuss the fact of it Dave Wanted to assemble the plural “supergroup” mustine and then-Mega Guitar player David Elefson with Hetfield And the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Hetfield He laughed at talking about a possible collaboration between his band members and members Mega In an interview, calling it a ‘crazy’ talk by mustine. early member of Metallica Before they were expelled in early 1983, mustine He rallied with his former bandmates on several occasions in 2010 and 2011 during “Big Four” shows and at MetallicaThirtieth anniversary parties.

Hetfield Tell so what!And the MetallicaFan Club Magazine, “I see [Mustaine] Much healthier now. I see it less bitter. But I see a lot of things in the press with him talking about jamming with us and creating an album. All this other crazy stuff I read it and I say to myself, “Wait. This Dave We kind of wanted to forget about it. You know, big mouth who wants to get off.”

Hetfield He added, “But there is an authenticity about him when he speaks. He doesn’t think much before he does. He just snaps off the cuff. Plus, when he says things like that, it’s well-intentioned.”

In an interview with Craftsmen NewsAnd the mustine asked about Hetfieldcomments. “I sent it [James] I texted him and said I apologize to him for saying that and that I won’t mention it again.” mustine He said. “I like mosques And I thought what he said was fun, and then things went the other way, and then kind of back again. And you know, that’s good. I guess everything is that I just wanted them to know that I loved them and that I miss them and that I enjoyed playing with them. If that’s not mutual, I understand. I still respect him, and I still care about the man. If he doesn’t want to play [with me] Anyway, that’s awesome. If he doesn’t like the idea of ​​what you said, that’s fine too. It wasn’t like I said it was going to happen, it was something I kind of wished had happened. But you know, it’s okay now, because it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. And you know what?! It’s off my bucket list.”

He added, “The thing is, I probably shouldn’t have said things like that, because I think, for some people, they might think I’m trying to use that as a way to get publicity, so I can see where there’s going to be some feelings about it, and that wasn’t in My intention.”

mustine feud with members Metallica For more than two decades before things were finally patched over a decade ago.

In a 2009 interview with Norway LydverketAnd the mustine He said he was “severely injured” by his expulsion Metallica He allegedly drank a lot. “I said, What?! There’s no second chance, no warning? Come on, we’re all drinking. Come on.” “And the [they were like], ‘No that is. You’re done, you’re done.’ And I was like, “Okay.”

mustine He also went on to claim that he had an altercation with Hetfield led to his expulsion from the band.

“I was selling a pot” Dave He said. “When I went to play in concert, people knew that my destiny was just sitting in my apartment saying, ‘Go ahead and keep me company.'” So I was broken in. People stole all my stash All my stash and I thought, solve this. I’ll get some dogs to stay in the apartment when I leave. So I got two dogs and took one of them to rehearsal at once and put up their paws rune‘s [McGovney, METALLICA‘s then-bassist] Sentences. And the mosques Kick it straight in the side. So I said, “What did you do?” [And I was like] It’s a dog, that’s what they do. You don’t kick animals. So we went home, and we started arguing more. I ended up punching him in the face and I think that’s the main reason why I lost my job.”

In a 2009 interview with Dallas/Ft. Worth, a Texas radio station 97.1 Eagle RocksAnd the Hetfield He said it was “so weird” to hear it mustine He’s still talking about getting out of Metallica. “It’s very Daveand that is , ” mosques He said. “And no matter what band he was in or whatever… I mean, Dave Not in this band for a reason and that’s why. It is very simple. He’s been in the band for 11 months and that’s been going on over and over again. I don’t know of any other group on the planet that has been in a band for a short period of time and they still have that big chip on his shoulder. It’s crazy… you know what?! He’s in love, and it’s okay, because we’re getting him back.

Back in 2016, Metallica guitar player Kirk Hammett . said Wheeler’s word The podcast he understood DaveHe continued to resent his former bandmates due to the manner in which he was expelled from the group. “I’ve always seen Dave As someone who was really sad, really angry, and really frustrated about his situation. MetallicaHe said, “And he couldn’t let that go,” and, you know, I’ve always shown a lot of sympathy for him, realizing he was just pissed off. It’s the equivalent of letting the woman of your life leave you. I mean really. When your band kicks you out… you’ve never been kicked out before, but I can imagine it’s a horrible experience, especially if a group has such a passion for it. So that I can understand DaveOrdeal all these years. But I will also say that when we did the 30th Anniversary Shows at Fillmore [in San Francisco]let’s Dave to play on all of these ‘Kill them all’ I felt man Very well To make him play on stage. It felt totally fine to me, while Dave He played guitar, for me mosques And play with the rhythm parts mosquesAnd it wasn’t a big problem at all. I can see from the look DaveHis face and his perfect posture were very healing to him. And I could see how that was helping him. So I have taken it all in full swing. And this is interesting, because since then, I think, DaveOur relationship with us is a little better now. I would like to think that this whole thing is just kind of healing some scars that needed to heal.”

after, after HammettComments about mustine It has been reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET and other music sites, Dave took him Twitter to answer. He wrote: “I have great respect for KirkHammett and appreciate his stance on this. He is almost 100% accurate…almost. I wish him the best.”

In September 2011 an interview with Craftsmen NewsAnd the mustine He seems to agree that he reunited on stage with him Metallica He came a long way toward healing wounds from the way his tenure in the band ended. Dave He said: “When we were [played a cover of DIAMOND HEAD‘s] ‘helpless’ [as part of a ‘Big Four’ jam] One night I walked in to say hello Kirk On stage he said, “Do you want to take a solo?” And I said, “Yes.” [Laughs] But we forgot to tell anyone on stage or [running] The voice in the intro which I would have done solo, so the song plays with and KirkHe plays a full beat, and I’m just sitting there going and you can’t hear what I’m doing. At least we knew what happened. It was kind of a token passing of the torch to me and it was a nice gesture. I think that helped Kirk And my relationship is getting a little better.”

In an interview in September 2004, mustine She famously says, “I really don’t care Kirk – He stole my job, but at least I got banged on by his girlfriend before he took my job. how to taste, Kirk? “

mustine Did not play on any Metallica albums and did not attend their incitement in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

Ulrich Later explained to normal merchant who – which mustine It’s not included because “you have to cap it somewhere. Dave Mustaine not played on any Metallica records. Do not disdain him. but there [were] Half a dozen other people were in the lineup in the early days. We thought. . . The fair thing to do is to include anyone who has played in Metallica register. He added:Dave Mustaine He was in the band for 11 months, mostly in 1982… I’m not trying to belittle her. I have nothing but respect and admiration for his accomplishments since then.”

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