Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke in front of the people on Sunday at Charlotte Roval and that wasn’t what NASCAR wanted to hear.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Act like a person who lives according to the mantra – honesty is the best policy. Listen to his podcast. He has openly shared personal stories about his life, including countless tales of a time during his career when he was less honest with the race car and lived with another mantra – if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

This past weekend in Charlotte RuffalJunior watched the same race as everyone else. Watching paint as it dries comes to mind. He and his cabin mates were challenged to try to provide an entertaining description of the movement that was less than entertaining. At one point, late in the race, it was NASCAR Hall of Famer He couldn’t contain himself anymore, Honesty took charge, telling what others were thinking.

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