‘Better Call Dan’ addresses T-Mobile billing issue for my Radford husband

Nancy Lands of Radford is what I call a “smart consumer”. When Landes has a consumer issue with a major company, she picks up the phone and calls their customer service line. But at first she grabs a pen and some papers. Landis Courtesy of Nancy Lands She keeps an accurate chronology of each contact, … Read more

Storm Fiona batters Canada’s east coast, forcing evacuations

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (Reuters) – Powerful storm Fiona swept through eastern Canada on Saturday, bringing hurricane-force winds, forcing evacuations, blowing trees and power lines and leaving hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power. The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said the storm’s center, which has been downgraded to Post-Tropical Hurricane Fiona, is now … Read more

How to save on utility bills with 4 smart home devices

d3sign / Getty Images It may seem counterintuitive that smart home devices can save you money. People associate smart devices with expensive expenses, and despite the fact that many popular smart devices will initially cost more than just a “dumb” alternative, the money you can save on utility bills can offset that cost in a … Read more

When a forensic examination of a mobile device is warranted | Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

As technology evolves, electronic communications – especially text messages – can provide a treasure trove of evidence. While requests for email and group communications from hard drives and networks are standard in today’s lawsuits, texting and groups from third-party mobile devices are often overlooked. Motion narrowly designed to force a forensic examination can be a … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 mobile number required to fix Steam errors

Stuck trying to verify your phone number in Modern Warfare 2? As an added layer of security against cheaters in Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward requires each player to verify their identity by associating their phone number before they can play. This shouldn’t be a big deal for most players, but it seems that a portion of users on Steam are having the same issue where they are being asked to verify their number despite having done so previously, and can’t proceed because Steam won’t let them verify their phone numbers too often in a while short time.

It is a severe problem for players who just want to get involved in the latest Call Of Duty game. Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward fix, which we will detail in this guide. Follow the steps below and you’ll be back to playing TDM and Prisoner Rescue in no time.

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