To alleviate DevOps skill issues, we need more AI skills, ironically

Getty Images It is said that AI enhances intelligence within companies and does the same for IT stores. for example, AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology Operations) It applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to the flow of data from IT operations, filtering noise to detect, highlight, and avoid problems. Artificial intelligence and machine learning … Read more

Backed by Epic Games, distributed computing startup Hadean gets $30 million to power metaverse • TechCrunch

HadianThe UK-based spatial computing startup that aims to build the thriving metaverse infrastructure has closed a $30 million Series 1 funding round from a high-profile group of investors, including Epic Games and Tencent. Founded in London in 2015, Hadean began with a broad mission of putting “supercomputer levels of processing power at anyone’s disposal,” TechCrunch … Read more

NSA and CISA: Here’s how hackers go after critical systems, and what you need to do about it

GT The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have released an advisory explaining how to thwart cyberattacks on Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control System (ICS) assets. The New joint consultant Outlines what critical infrastructure operators should know about their opponents, citing recent cyber attacks on Ukraine’s power grid … Read more

Metaverse is people

Bob Taylor he has a problem. A newly minted head for the innocent but impossible to influence”Information Processing Technology Office(IPTO) from Darpa The US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency moved into the Pentagon’s offices in 1966 to find three computer stations. One went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one to a research … Read more

Quantum tech giants win breakthrough prize in physics

With billions of dollars in flow Quantitative Statistics And countries are building Communication networks secured by quantum cryptographyThe The emergence of quantum information science It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. This year’s Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics is awarded to four pioneers who combined mathematics, computer science and physics for “foundational work in the … Read more