2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series Team/Driver Chart

note: this unofficial page Compiled by Jayski.com from several different sources. We try to make it as complete as possible and update it whenever needed. Team plans for the year: 2021And the 2020And the 2019And the 2018And the 2017And the 2016And the 2015And the 2014And the 2013And the 2012And the 2011And the 2010And the 2009And … Read more

Harrison Burton hosts NASCAR Documentary Series

GT Harrison Burton greets fans at the Michigan International Highway. USA networkThe race for the championship“Many drivers highlighted, such as Kyle Bush and Joey Lugano. non-veteran Harrison Burton Among this group, take the opportunity to provide a fresh look at NASCAR. Burton, son of Jeff Burton, is no stranger to cameras. He’s been around them … Read more

‘Keep Him Out’ – Bubba Wallace, Rory McIlroy & Colin Kaepernick in Same ‘Wake Up’ Arc Calls for Backlash

Political commentator and author Nick Adams is back with a new episode of the Hate Comments series. And this time, Donald Trump’s favorite author attacked athletes in various sports. But as usual, his shout-out to NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace continues to make his tweets look sweet. Nick Adams has repeatedly attacked 23XI’s Bubba Wallace on social … Read more

“I wish Kyle (Bush) or Tyler (Redick) would play ‘Take This Job & Shove It’!” – Freddy Kraft and others can’t contain their laughter in Bristol NASCAR songs

Just like WWE wrestlers, NASCAR drivers have their intro songs as well, but only in Bristol. Obviously, the choice of Tyler Riddick in Bristol shocked the fans and caused them to burst into laughter. But it would be much funnier if Kyle Bush played it. But you won’t believe what happened. Ads The article continues … Read more