£18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the desert which could cut British homeowners bills

Are you ready for a blast of desert sunshine? Whitehall officials discuss a £18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the African Sahara that could cut British homeowners bills Spectacular plans to install nearly 12 million solar panels and 530 wind turbines The generated power can be transported across the vast desert of … Read more

Hurricanes orbiting Jupiter’s poles still baffle astronomers

Infrared image of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere as seen by Jerram. attributed to him: natural astronomy (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41550-022-01774-0 A team of multi-institutional space scientists in the United States, working with a colleague from Italy and one from France, used modeling to partly explain the resilience of hurricanes orbiting around Jupiter’s poles. In their … Read more

Common genetic variant associated with mortality

New research may explain why some people with COVID-19 develop only mild flu-like symptoms, while others develop severe illness that can lead to death. This may be the most baffling problem with COVID: While some infected individuals experience only mild flu-like symptoms, others[{” attribute=””>COVID-19 can spiral into severe disease, disability, and even death. A new … Read more

Wildlife crossings make roads safer for animals and humans

in summary The Safe Roads and Wildlife Protection Act requires Caltrans and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify wildlife barriers and prioritize crossings when building or improving roads and highways. By Laura Friedman, for CalMatters Association member Laura Friedman Represents the 43rd assembly district. Not many of us have seen a mountain … Read more

Govt prepares to scrap ‘Brexit bonus’ for farmers | Agriculture

The government will cancel the ‘Brexit Bonus’ that it would have received Paid for farmers and landowners to promote natureIn what wildlife groups call a “mass attack” on the environment, observer can reveal. Instead, Defra sources revealed, they are considering paying landowners a set annual amount for each acre of land they own, which would … Read more

The discovery of a “heat wave” on a planetary scale in the atmosphere of Jupiter

Europlanet Media Center Panoramic view of the upper atmosphere temperatures of Jupiter, 1,000 km above the cloud tops. Jupiter appears above the visible image of the context. In this shot, the auroral region (near the North Pole, in yellow/white) appears to have cast a massive planetary-scale heating wave toward the equator. This feature is more … Read more

Danger, revolution and preventive medicine

Almost all dogs are the same, right? All cats are just little dogs, right? Wrong – wrong – wronged! Of course, every veterinarian understands that each patient is special to its owner and unique as an organism, but do individual patients really need individualized care? Furthermore, is the veterinary profession at a point where true … Read more

USDA scattered rabies vaccines for wildlife in 13 countries

By Janet McConaughey, The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (Associated Press) – The US Department of Agriculture has begun dispersing millions of oral rabies vaccine packages from helicopters and planes in more than 13 states of the United States. who to me Alabama. Field trial coordinator Gordona Kirby said the main goal is to prevent raccoons … Read more