Many nutritious foods are also the most sustainable

While it’s relatively easy to compare the environmental impact of producing apples to oranges (or even beef), these calculations become more complex when foods contain multiple ingredients—and these make up the majority of what’s sold in a typical grocery store. So far, there have been no good ways to determine the effect of such foods, … Read more

How does what we eat affect our health and longevity? It is a complex dynamic system

Summary: The study sheds new light on how natural differences in dietary patterns affect human aging, longevity, and overall health. source: Columbia University Answering a relatively brief question — how what we eat affects how we age — is inevitably complex, according to a new study in the Columbia Butler Center on Aging at Columbia … Read more

What is the “longevity” regimen, and will it really make you live longer?

You may have heard of longevity dietThey promise to extend their lifespan — but what exactly are they and are they different from other diets that promote good health? The Longevity Diet is a set of eating recommendations compiled by biochemist Walter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. He … Read more