Can East meet West in medicine? Integration is a slow process

Liberian Joel Carnoen came to China two years ago to study Western medicine, but has now expanded her specialization to include traditional Chinese medicine. Now a graduate student at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Carnohayn is taking courses that integrate Chinese and Western medicine. “My clinical practice shows me that TCM improves blood flow … Read more

Mark Edward Thoman, MD – Examiner

Mark Edward Thoman was born on February 15, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois, and slept in the Lord on Thursday, September 15, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona. Mark was born the son of Greek immigrant Tasula of Trakis Thoman, Texas. Artist John Charles Thoman. Mark grew up in Chicago, Illinois until the age of nine, then the … Read more

Suffolk inaugural Suffolk appoints Hugo R. Seibel as teaching professor – Suffolk News-Herald

Woleben appointed Suffolk inaugural Hugo R. Seibel teaching professor Posted at 8:34 PM on Friday, September 23, 2022 Like his predecessor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Chris Woolpin, a native of Suffolk, is dedicated to helping students succeed, particularly through the Residency Match process. Which is why it is so fitting that for the first time … Read more

Rewriting the textbook for precision medicine

Precision medicine puts the patient at the center of healthcare, using a variety of tools to develop tailored and targeted treatments and diagnoses. Promising to “revolution” the modern medicine landscape, precision medicine requires an in-depth knowledge of the molecular underpinnings of healthy and diseased conditions. Advances in molecular biology technologies and bioinformatics platforms help provide … Read more

The new residency program is a hidden gem of medicine

The inaugural evaluators of Residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) In the University of Connecticut School of Medicine They are the pioneers of the new program that started in July. While the program is a first in Connecticut, it is not a new major. At the start of World War I and expanding during … Read more

White House hosts local officials, touts impact of policies | Health, medicine and fitness

By Josh Bock – The Associated Press Washington (AFP) – The White House is making a new effort to show local governments what it can do for their communities, and is hosting North Carolina officials to highlight funding opportunities and hear firsthand how to do it. Relief from corona virusAnd the infrastructure dollars Other policies … Read more