Netflix Tudum 2022: The biggest news and trailers

For the second year in a row, Netflix held a live event called Tudum to showcase some of the biggest upcoming movies, TV shows, and games. (Although the names are similar, this Tudum has nothing to do with the struggling fan site that Netflix also runs.) There were some notable absences from the 2022 release … Read more

‘Avatar’ is back in theaters, and it’s still great

100 days of avatar We are counting the days until James Cameron’s dream comes true: water road Opens in theaters. Zoe Saldana in symbol picture. Photo: Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Despite his technical expertise and mastery of storytelling, James Cameron may well be the cinematic master of shifting ambiance. I still remember … Read more

Chup movie review: The mix of danger and romance begins and remains turbulent

Full marks for authenticity Chub’s revenge for artists Story: There is a serial killer on the loose Mumbaiaimed at film critics. Oooh, my timber tingled. It’s the kind of thinking that must have come to many filmmakers not just in the Gulf, but in filmmaking centers around the world, basically anywhere film creators feel scorned … Read more

Shia LaBeouf gave an ultimatum with Florence Pugh

She thinks it’s Wilde’s accusation. Olivia Wilde doubled down on her claim that she kicked Shia LaBeouf out of Don’t Worry, Baby, now claiming he gave her an “ultimatum” over Florence Pugh. We had to replace the Shiites. He is a great actor, but it will not work ”, the director of the film, 38 … Read more

James Bond producers on the hunt for the next 007

landing James Bond It might be the biggest acting party in Hollywood, but 007 Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson say they still have to pitch potential actors on their side. When diverse Catch up on top British producers in late August, as they are busy preparing for Bond’s 60th anniversary in October. But … Read more